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Cheap house and contents insurance is possible, particularly as far as a renter is concerned. This is because if you are renting, you only need to cover your belongings for a cheap cost, and the house is up to your landlord, or whoever owns the actual house that you are renting. Beyond this, there are many keys to finding cheap insurance for your contents.

Unless you are renting a place from a landlord that is fully furnished, you will need to buy renters insurance that covers your contents, including furnishings. Contents refers to any of your belongings that you are keeping in the house, apartment or building that you are renting from a landlord. When you are trying to find cheap house and contents insurance for the place you are renting, there are a few areas of concern that go far beyond the bottom line, or premium price that you will pay for the policy.

Reasons for Renters Coverage

When you are renting it may feel like all of the responsibility should fall on your landlord. That is partially why you are renting, after all. Right? Well, not exactly. The landlord should have cheap house and contents insurance of their own on the building. Though, their insurance mostly focuses on any damage or injuries that the house causes. It is really more likely that they are only going to cover contents if they are renting their furniture to you, and it is in the house.

Beyond that, you may feel like you do not have any reason to cover what seems like very few items. Though, consider if you were to lose all of your belongings (or contents) in your house right now. What would you do? How would you replace everything. Start considering the cost and it all begins to add up. Now, keep look at your furniture, kitchen wares, computer, television, and it all adds up quickly. This is a great reason to carry cheap tenants contents insurance for yourself and your family.

It is also important that you understand what could cause you to lose your belongings. There may be a fire from faulty electrical wiring. Or, it could be water damage from a water heater, dish washer, plugged up plumbing on the clothes washer, that drenches your whole place. Maybe your friend trips and falls down the stairs. You need cheap insurance to coverage these events, in addition to vandalism, theft and the like.

Make a Shopping List

When you are finally convinced and understand why you need to buy cheap house and contents insurance as a renter, it is time to start shopping. But first, you will want to define your needs. First determine the value of your belongings before buying cheap insurance. You may have your own appliances in the home you are renting, so you will need to factor that into your equation. So, instead of $15,000 of coverage, you may need $20,000 of coverage for your own belongings.

Here is a little side note about cheap house and contents insurance: your car is not covered under your rental policy. It falls entirely under your automobile coverage. So, do not factor any vehicles into your equations about your belongings.

When you are making your list for cheap house and contents insurance, consider the amount of coverage. These are called limits. It represents the maximum that you have bought in coverage for different areas of possible loss. You can buy more coverage. The limits indicate the maximum that the insurer will pay out for your losses if you have to file a claim.

Save Money

You probably will also want to have some kind of deductibles on your policy. This will reduce the premium, to make for cheap house and contents insurance for you and your family. Try to keep smoke detectors in working order by testing them twice a year to make sure they work. If they need a new battery, you may not want to wait for your landlord to come and change it. It is likely, though, that they will. These kinds of precautions will shave a few dollars off of your policy, making it cheap to buy.

Also find out if your cheap house and contents insurance will offer a discount if you buy multiple policies with the same carrier. For instance, can you also buy your automobile policy through the same insurer to save on your coverage? In addition, are there other ways to save, such as having a working burglar alarm system in place in your building?

Cheap house and contents insurance is for anyone who is renting. It is best to buy just contents coverage, as you do not own the building, apartment or home you are renting. That is instead your landlord's responsibility and cost.