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Your lease is an important document that will outline everything you need to know about where you are moving. The rules, the neighborhood property lines, the conditions - all of these things will be addressed in the lease. This document should not just be skimmed and signed. You should read it through two or three times, making note of the things you don't understand. Take a highlighter to your copy and ask questions if you don't understand anything. Before moving to a new house, you need to check your lease.

Why? Because, once you sign the lease, you are in a contract and you are bound to this contract for a certain period of time. Most leases are for one year but some can be for six months or even less depending on the terms and conditions of the property management company. You want to be sure that you are getting a fair deal and that you are completely happy with the lease before you sign it.

Lease Terms and Conditions

There are several things to check when signing the lease. First of all, check that you can comply with the terms and conditions of payment. Your lease will lay out how much you need to pay, usually on a monthly basis and when the payment is due. You need to be sure that you can pay this and agree to this amount.

Find out if the amount per month includes utilities or if this is something that you will need to pay extra for. If you need to pay extra for it, then find out about how much the previous tenant was paying each month. This will give you a more accurate indication of how much you will be spending.

Second of all, make sure you understand all the sub clauses in place. Most leases will outline whether you not you are allowed to sublet and what the terms are if you are allowed to sublet the apartment, for example, whether the renter pays you or pays the landlord, etc. Most leases will also go over whether you are allowed pets in the rental. If so, it may address a pet deposit as well as whether the pet is allowed inside or not.

All of these things need to be checked before moving in. If you have a dog and you find out after you have signed the lease that he is not welcome, then this is going to pose a huge problem. If you believe you are paying $800 per month and only have a budget for this, it can be stressful to find out that you also need to pay for parking, for heat and for water on top of the $800 per month.

It can be easy to get carried up in seeing a new place and wanting to move in straight away. However, the house is only part of the game when renting. You also need to be happy and comfortable with the terms and conditions of the lease as well as with the landlord or property manager that you are working with. This is why you cannot jump the gun when it comes to renting, signing the lease and moving in.

You need to be sure. Taking the time to read through and checking your lease before deciding to move is important. Do not get caught up in the moment and you could end up spending the next year in a house that is not right for you and in a contract that you are not happy with. Check before you sign, every time.

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