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Hiring Chicago moving services to handle most of your heavy lifting doesn't mean that you won't find yourself spending a lot of time and energy on your relocation. However, your IL move will seem much faster and more efficient when you can count on your reliable Chicago renters policy and an experienced team of packers and movers to assist you with the more challenging chores. Although friends and neighbors may volunteer their services, they often seem to be mysteriously booked when the actual moving day arrives.

If you're relocating to Chicago from a smaller community, the excitement of moving to one of the country's centers of commerce, finance and culture may motivate you to finish your relocation chores, such as finding a Chicago cleaning service, in record time. The economic resources, cultural diversity, architectural landmarks and sports events make Chicago a true global city. Chicago moving services give you the support you need to get settled comfortably in your new Illinois condo, apartment or townhouse.

Safe Lifting Techniques for Moving

While professional Chicago moving services do a lot of the lifting, transferring and loading, you and your family may still find yourselves lifting a lot of boxes and relocating furniture. Chicago moving services are trained to lift correctly in order to avoid back strain, shoulder or neck injuries, sprains or fractures. Professional moving carries a high risk of injury, and Chicago moving services know how to protect themselves from harm.

If you have an especially large, awkwardly shaped or heavy item to move, like a large refrigerator, a console sofa, an entertainment center, a piano or pool table, it's best to leave it to the experts from Chicago relocation services. Some professional Illinois movers won't lift or transfer these items unless they have the proper equipment or a knowledgeable team. Piano moving, in particular, is a specialty that select Chicago services offer at an additional charge.

Before you move a large box or a piece of furniture, take a moment to assess the item and the area. Look for any obstacles that might block your path out of the house, any jagged edges on boxes or furniture or any protruding nails or screws that could cause an injury. If the object appears too heavy to lift alone, find a partner to help you. A back strain could put you out of commission for the rest of the relocation, which could delay the process if the injury is severe. Ask your movers to lend their services if you're concerned about the weight of an object.

Whenever you plan to be lifting and transferring, wear secure shoes with flat, non-skid soles. When you prepare to lift an item, bend from the knees and squat rather than bending over at the waist. When you bend at the knees, you focus most of the energy of lifting in the large muscles of your thighs. If you bend at the waist, you'll be using your middle back, upper back and shoulders, which can cause serious muscle strains. Chicago moving services are trained to use their legs when lifting.

As you lift, draw your backbone into your body so that your back curves slightly inward. Tighten your stomach muscles to provide support for your lower back. Keep your feet spread at a fairly wide distance for greater stability and hold the box or piece of furniture as close to your torso as you can. Take any turns by moving your feet rather than your spine. Use slow, deliberate movements to transfer your item securely to its destination. Professional services can provide dollies to make it easier to move boxes or unwieldy items.

Choosing an Illinois Relocation Date

There are many factors that contribute to your choice of an IL move date, and some of these factors may conflict with each other. You may be starting a new job or a new semester at your Chicago university. You may have kids who are scheduled to start school in Chicago on a specific date. At the same time, you'll have a deadline imposed by your current landlord, and a move in date established at your future IL home. Juggling these requirements is one of the reasons that relocation is so stressful.

If you hire professional services to help you with your relocation, you may pay an extra fee for choosing a specific move in date. This extra charge may be worth it if you have a lot of commitments to manage, but if you aren't committed to one particular day, you can save money by arranging a more flexible arrival with Chicago moving services.

Relocating in the summer is almost always more expensive then the other seasons of the year. Chicago moving services often recommend that you avoid peak seasons if saving money is a top priority. Reliable Chicago moving services will make every effort to make your move as affordable, fast and efficient as possible.