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Keeping your kids entertained can be a challenge. One of the best ways to do so beside taking a family camping trip is to get out of the house and explore your new surroundings. Moving into a new rental house means there are plenty of new streets, new neighborhoods and new kid friendly activities to explore. Some of the most popular places for kids in all neighborhoods include the following:

Zoos and Animal Exhibits

Children love animals. Whether they are farm animals, safari animals, fish or birds, you entertain the troops and teach them about animals by exploring the zoos and animal attractions in your area. Aquariums, bird parks, butterfly museums, zoos, and wildlife parks - all of these places are great for children and usually quite interactive. Even parents will love watching the lions feast on their lunch and learning about the various bird life living in your new backyard.

On days when you do not want to spend money or do not have a lot of time to spare, taking a walk around your neighborhood is also a great child friendly activity. Visit the nearest park for a half an hour or feed the ducks at the local pond. On rainy days, check out the malls and the local libraries which often hold child friendly activities such as arts and crafts, story time, rhymes and even petting zoos in some instances.

Water and Theme Parks

Water parks and water facilities are always a huge hit for children of all ages. And many neighborhoods will actually have free water facilities or water parks that only cost a small amount. Furthermore, you can also look into buying an annual pass for these water parks which allow you to visit over and over and over again for one price. Normally you will have your yearly park pass paid for within two or three visits.

The good thing about water parks is that they tire the kids out. Whether you are visiting water slides, pools or splash and play centers, they can enjoy the water and cool off. Furthermore, you may be able to actually sit down for a few minutes and supervise your children without having to run after them.

Water parks are especially great for the summer months when it is simply too hot to be outside with some sort of water. Get out of the house, give your air conditioning a break and let the kids have some fun all the while cooling down. If there are no water parks in your area, then visiting the local swimming pool, lake, creeks or rivers can also do the trick. Just make sure the natural waters are safe and not ridden with alligators, leaches or other harmful animals.

Theme parks are also always a treat for younger and older kids. Again, if you live near a theme park you may wish to get a season's pass. Most theme parks will have roller coasters for the older kids as well as carousals for the smaller children. Make sure you always supervise your kids and choose rides that everyone will enjoy.

Getting the kids out of the chaos that is your house is always a benefit to both you and your children. You can both get out of one another's hair and you can forget about the cleaning, the cooking and the mess, even if it is just for a couple of hours. After all, finding child friendly activities in your neighborhood provides your children with the opportunity to have fun, to explore and, most importantly, to learn.

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