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Childproofing your home can start as early as you wish once you have learned that a newborn will join your family. As part of that widely experienced phenomenon known as "nesting," many mothers-to-be feel the pressing need to ready the homestead in whatever way they possibly can, and as soon as they possibly can. While, throughout the years, some have advised expectant parents to go slowly with childproofing and other preparatory efforts such as planning to join a play group, the pace as which you ready your own residence is entirely up to you. If you wish to handle childproofing right away in order to check this measure off a lengthy list, you should not hesitate to do so.

There are many popular parenting manuals in circulation today that provide exhaustive lists of specific preparations that should be made to your residence in preparation for a new son or daughter. To the extent that these lists correspond to potential threats arisen from the landscape of your own home, you may find it very helpful to stick by them. However, some parents, feeling the pressure to have everything perfectly in order, have been known to grow nervous upon looking over such lists. In order to cover all your bases without sickening yourself with concern over what you have not yet accomplished, you will need to account for the layout of your individual home.

Common Areas of Childproofing

There are a number of realms of the home that will typically need to be childproofed to some degree, though they will probably not apply to your home in the same way they would to your neighbor's. To get a thorough idea of these common areas, you can take any one (or more) of several approaches. You can look through the aforementioned popular parenting books, usually written by experts in the field, and in some cases by pediatricians with special insight into such matters. You can participate in and glean knowledge from forums, chats, and messaging boards for new parents. You can also ask around to friends, neighbors, and relatives who have welcomed home infants in the not so distance past. If you take this last approach, be prepared to sit down and listen for a while, as new parents are usually more than happy to go into detail about their own experiences in this realm.

Another thing that many parents-to-be do as a first or supplementary expedition for acquiring ideas on childproofing is to walk through the aisles of a large store that sells childproofing devices, mechanisms, furnishings, etc. As with reading over lists of any sort, this can be somewhat intimidating based on the sheer volume of available solutions. However, it can also be an effective way to make sure you have thought of everything, and perhaps to go ahead and begin stocking up on supplies you can use in the future. For some, this process coincides with setting up a baby shower registry. Common items you will see in this process include outlet covers, soft coverings to place over hard furniture corners, cabinet and drawer locks, toilets locks, etc.

In childproofing your home, you need to decide when is the best time to install various mechanisms you have purchased. Some expectant moms and dads like to get underway with childproofing as soon as supplies are purchased, in part so that nothing is overlooked down the line, in part to accustom themselves to these small adjustments. Some devices, such as toilet and drawer locks, can prove very inconvenient when they are first installed. To some parents, this means the devices should not be put on until the last minute while others would rather adjust right away.

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