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One of the things that you may notice when attending a child's birthday party is that each child receives a small bag of treats on the way out. These are traditionally called Goody Bags and have become a staple in kid's birthday parties. A goody bag is nothing fancy but rather a small assortment of treats and surprises for kids to find after the party is over. Choose the perfect assortment of treats for your children's goody bag that will leave both the kids and their parents happy.

Treats and Chocolates

One of the most common things to add to each Goody bag are candy. This can include one or two sour snakes, jujubes, lifesavers, lollipops, chocolate bars and anything else small and easy to pack. You can buy a small bag and only add one or two of each little item to each bag. You don't have to go all out on the goody bags and you don't need to give each child a week's worth of treats. They have most certainly had their share of sugar for the day with birthday cake, cupcakes and everything else at the party.

If you are not happy with loading up the kiddies with even more sugar and sending them home then you can choose healthier snacks for the goody bag such as all natural fruit jellies, small packages of raisins or mixed fruit and nut snacks. All of these come with small individual sizes and are perfect to add to the goody bags. You may wish to include an individual chocolate treat as well as a fruit jelly to even it up a little bit.

Toys and Novelty Items

Many goody bags will also contain a very small toy or two. For example, one goody bag may contain an army man, a toy animal, a note pad, a pen or pencil, a word game or small puzzle, novelty items or a small photo frame for party pictures. Look for things that come in a package that you can easily split up into each Goody bag. For example, a pack of 20 assorted fish creatures means that each child can find a different fish in their goody bag.

Finally, many goody bags will also come equipped with a few party supplies such as a whistle, a balloon or two, a bubble blower or other confectionary items. Again, you can simply purchase a small bag of balloons and fill up each bag with one or two for the kiddies to be content. There is no need to overdo it- the goody bag is meant as just a small little treat after the party, that's it.

When you are selecting the items for your child's goody bag one thing to remember is the age appropriateness of the toys. If you have children of all ages coming then you may wish to have two different types of goody bags - one for children under 2 and one for children over 3. Label each bag so that you know who leaves with what.

Another thing you may wish to look into is selecting items that match the theme of your child's birthday party. For example, if you have had a beach birthday party, then a balloon, a little umbrella, a pair of doll sunglasses and a few assorted chocolates makes the perfect themed goody bag. If you have had a jungle themed party, then adding a small toy animal, a tiger shaped note pad and a cheap book on zoo animals is a great way to connect everything together. These are only some of the many options you have when looking into children birthday goody bags.

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