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If you are a parent then having children in your new neighborhood is a huge blessing. Even if the kids are not the same age as yours, it is always nice to know that you are living around other families. This can add a certain level of security to your new home and also provide you with one common thing to discuss when you are introducing yourself to the new neighbors.

Making Friends with Mom and Dad

Another good thing about having children in your neighborhood if you also have kids is that the other parents can help you find your footing. They may be able to shed some light on the good and bad schools in your area, how to avoid the mean neighborhood dogs, locating the best parks, on the closest playgroups and on other child-friendly events and activities that you may be interested in. While you will most likely discover all of these things on your own, having another Mom or Dad to help guide you through will make the transition to a new area much easier.

If your children are near the same age as the other kids in your neighborhood then you may find that they share and instant connection and you may notice your children riding their bikes, playing hide and seek and exploring the street with their new friends. Suggest scheduled play dates with the parents or invite them over for a lunch or coffee one night so that the kids can play in a supervised area and you can get to know your neighbors. You may find that you share an instant connection to them or you may find that it is probably best you remain neighbors, not friends. Either way, you are doing the neighborly thing and making an effort for yourself and for your children.

Connecting with Children

If you do not have any children and have moved into a new street where kids are obviously the norm, then you may feel a little uncomfortable. Having children around means that you need to be on your best behavior, even in the comfort of your own home. Loud swearing, excessive partying and heavy drinking/drugs are not acceptable, especially if you are in close quarters with your neighbors. You need to think about how fast you are pulling out of your driveway and coming around the corner as you never know when a child may be riding his trike down the street at the same time.

If you are having troubles with the children in your neighborhood, then you do have the right to speak to the parents about it. If, for example, you notice the kids are constantly being unsupervised or playing in your yard or on the street, then this is not only a violation of your privacy but it is also incredibly unsafe. Bring it up to the parents the next time you see them. Ask them politely to inform their kids about neighbor boundaries and suggest keeping an eye on them when they are playing out on the street. You do not have to be rude about it; the parents will probably feel more embarrassed than anything.

Having children in your neighborhood can be a good thing and a bad thing. If your neighbors have kids then there is a lot less chance of them partying into the wee hours; however, there is also a greater chance of screaming laughter at the break of dawn. Regardless of where you stand on children, it is important to be courteous and respectful. These are your neighbors, after all, no matter how tiny they are.

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