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When you move to a new neighborhood one of the first things you will look into if you have kids is activities for them to do ( not coloring on the walls ). You may be spending your first several weeks exploring the walks, the parks and the schools in the area. One other option you have is to check out the various sports leagues that are available. Sports are a great way for children to learn about teamwork and to build self esteem. Sports can also burn off all that extra energy that kids seem to have.

When you are looking into children's sports leagues in your area the first thing you need to do is decide what sport your child wants to play. Talk to them about what they would like and think about their interests. Do they like throwing and kicking balls in the backyard (or in the house for that matter)? Then maybe soccer or baseball would be best? Do they enjoy swimming at the lake or skating at the local rink? Then you may want to look for a local swimming or skating team that they could join.

Joining a sports team is also a great way for your child to make new friends. While your child will have plenty of time to get to know the other kids at school, it might be nice for him to have something outside of the hours of 9 to 3. Furthermore, you will also get to know other moms and dads that have children the same age and with the same interests.

Choosing a Sport

There are so many different sports out there, some of which are based around a team and others that are based on individual performance. Knowing what type of environment your child thrives in will help you determine which is best. Sports such as tennis, running, swimming and golf are all quite individual but there is still the element of team as they will be playing with others and will be part of an overall group. Sports such as soccer, baseball, volleyball and hockey are all entirely based on the team notion where you will depend on all players. This can be better for some kids but can also be too nerve racking for kids too, especially if they have trouble with sportsmanship and loosing.

Once you and your child have decided on one or two different sports to play head down to your local sports arena and see what is available. You can also talk to other parents in your area and even check out if there are school sports teams on offer. Your local council may also have a website that has information about the various sports and sign up days and times for each team.

You may notice that your child does not thrive in the sporting area right away. If they are not happy with the sport you have selected or if they want to quit, then don't be too upset. Your child is an individual and he may not be interested in this type of thing. Sports are not for everyone and some children will simply not be happy in this setting.

Searching for childrens sports leagues in your area all comes down to checking your local paper or online and talking to other parents. However, the most important thing is that you and your child are both on the same page and that your child is eager and excited at the idea of playing sports. If not, keep looking for other activities - arts and crafts, reading clubs, etc - and eventually you will find something that he will enjoy.

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