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If you have a lengthy vacation planned that will involve either flight or a significant road trip, it might be wise to find a qualified boarding kennel for your pet. While there are rare exceptions, most pets do not react well to being cooped up in car for a long stretch of time, particularly if the animal is larger, used to frequent outdoor strolls and cannot easily achieve comfort in the vehicle. Other potential deterrents to successful travel with a pet can include hotel policies, limited room in your vacation home, and activity plans that do not coordinate well with the schedule for feeding and walking your dog.

Some people feel apprehensive about boarding their pet or pets in a kennel, particularly those making their first significant excursion without a beloved dog, cat, or other animal. If you consider your pet to be essentially part of the family, you might feel strangely about entrusting a kennel with the proper care-taking and attention your pet requires. For this reason, many pet owners first attempt to locate a family member, friend, or neighbor who is willing to care for the pet in their absence. However, even if you are aware of trustworthy individual willing to do this for you, you still might want to consider the benefits of a kennel.

Advantages of a Kennel

There are some advantages a good kennel has over the babysitting provided by someone you know. Unless the person who volunteers to take care of your pet can take your pet into his or her home while you are gone, then your pet will be alone for the majority of the time you are away. Normally, in such arrangements made with a neighbor or friend, your pet is checked on at standard meal times, and perhaps taken for a short walk or two. This is normally the most time someone else can afford to devote to the process. If you are considering having a person you know handle these duties, make sure you are familiar with how much time can and will be devoted to your pet.

In a kennel, on the other hand, your pet will have company. You know your pet and your living situation at home better than anyone; accordingly, you know plenty about what type of environment your pet is accustomed to. If there is normally a pleasantly robust level of noise in the house, people in and out the front door at regular intervals, and at least one person at home during most hours of the day, you might reasonably conclude that your pet would behave anxiously if left in a suddenly quiet house, alone, for long stretches of time. Some people decide on kennels primarily for the ongoing company that will be provided to their pets while they are away. Naturally, you will only feel good about this company if you have investigated the kennel ahead of time and have been happy with your discoveries.

Finding the Right One

Your search for a kennel with high standards of quality could begin by asking around for recommendations. If you have fellow pet-owner friends who have recently vacationed, ask them about any boarding services they used and how they would rate their experiences. You can also search for forums online about this very topic. The important thing in choosing a boarding kennel for your pet is to make sure you that you visit it ahead of time so that you can personally verify the conditions. You might check for outdoor play area, comfort of bedding provided, light and ventilation, and more.

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