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Your cell phone is more than just a wireless communication device. Most cell phones these days act as your own personal telecommuter, allowing you to access the internet, your email, your friends, your Facebook and your virtual application store all in one. You can make dates, send text messages, update your status, check out the latest recipes, count your calories and even... that's right, talk. Like adding on a porch to your home, there are a lot of things to consider when you are choosing a cell phone plan. Take the time to compare your options before settling down on one provider.

Cell Phone Plan Deals

Cell phone plans generally cost anywhere from $20 to $200 per month. A standard plan is around $50 per month and may also include a free phone if you sign up for a 24 month contract. This is one of the biggest pluses to choosing your cell phone plan - you could get a free phone with it. Be sure to compare the various phone options and special deals each provider will offer you.

When choosing a cell phone plan you need to think about what you are using your cell phone for. A standard plan may include 1.5 GB of data (for online purposes), unlimited outgoing calls and 200 text messages per month. Other plans may include unlimited text and picture messaging, unlimited phone calls to all providers and 1 GB of data.

Are you making long distance calls? Are you sending 100 text messages a day? Are you sending tweets throughout the day? Are you talking on the phone constantly or are you only using your cell for emergencies? You need to think about how many minutes as well as how much data you are using. This includes how often you send text messages, picture messages, how often you browse the internet, how often you check your email and how often you download music, apps and stream videos.

Pre Pay Cell Phone and Bundling Plans

Cell phone plans come in several different bundling options as well. You may choose to pay for your cell phone, your internet, your television and your home phone all together. Or, you may choose to only have your internet and your cell phone on the same plan. Because providers often work with all different technologies it may be worth your while to choose a cell phone provider that can also offer you a deal with your home phone or internet service. You may be able to get a free modem, a free phone or a free upgrade by bundling your package. You should also be able to save around 20 percent per month by choosing a package deal.

Many people will choose a pre-pay plan where you purchase a certain amount of minutes per month rather than paying a phone bill each month. The good thing about this is you know exactly how much you are spending. The bad thing is that you need to purchase a new 'card' every month or when you run out of credit. However, for many travelers or people on a budget, a pre pay cell phone plan is the best way to go.

There are pros and cons to all different cell phone plans and a lot to think about when you are on the hunt for your next cell phone. Make sure you compare each provider in terms of their customer service as well as their phone selection and price when choosing a cell phone plan. After all, you want to be sure that your provider can handle any problems with connection, broken pieces, dead batteries or other disasters that come with owning a cell phone.

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