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There are a number of answers when it comes to child care for working parents; however, one of the most popular options are daycare centers, special facilities with trained professionals that will watch your children in a social, school like setting. Whether you are doing so to help your child learn to socialize or because you will not have the luxury of picking them up from family members due to you riding your bike to work. For whatever reason, putting your child is daycare for the first time is extremely difficult. There may always be a part of you that wonders if you made the right decision and if you have chosen the right center.

Choosing a daycare is something that will come with plenty of visits. You may wish to make a list of all the things you want out of the facility and see which daycare comes out on top. However, even when adding math to the equation, you may still find that your heart and your head are suggesting different centers. Go with your heart and with the daycare that your child appears to be most comfortable in.

Daycare Facility Checklist

There are a number of things to look into when choosing a daycare. The education system is important as is the accreditation of the company. You should check the credentials of the center, the director and the childcare workers. However, education is only part of the picture. The friendliness, warmth and how your child interacts with the childcare instructors is equally, if not more important. Give your child some time to meet the teachers of each facility and see which one he is happiest with.

Another thing you may want to look into is the cleanliness of the center. Toddler rooms are going to be disastrous but look at the state of the toys, the bathrooms, the shared facilities, the indoor and outdoor areas and the other children. If you notice the other kids are constantly coughing with runny noses then there is a good chance that your little one is going to come home sick as well.

What does the daycare supply? Do they supply diapers and milk for infants? Do they supply the food and snacks? If so, then what is the menu like? If not, are you going to have the time to make lunches the night before for daycare the next day?

Another thing to consider when choosing a daycare is the convenience for you. You may wish to choose a facility that is either close to home or close to your office so you don't have to drive across town in rush hour just to pick up your child. Furthermore, driving halfway across town is going to end up costing a lot more in fuel and wasted time.

Finally, make sure you ask your child which one he prefers. If he is too young to tell you, then watch him closely and see where he seems the most comfortable. You may find that the one you like the best is not the one that he feels the most comfortable at. And, at the end of the day, it is his choice.

Most daycares understand how hard this decision is and thus allow parents and children to walk through and experience the operates of the center before deciding to put their child in. When the time comes to choose a daycare for your little one, do some research, contact several facilities in your area and plan a few walk throughs during the week. Allow yourself at least a month when choosing a daycare to get your child comfortable with the idea of going and to do adequate research to choose the right one.

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