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Your veterinarian is an important person in your pet's life. Even if your pet remains completely healthy you will most likely still need to see them at least twice a year for routine checkups and vaccinations, or even for simple remedies such as getting rid of dog hair. This is why it is so important to choose someone that you trust and that your pet feels comfortable around. If you are unhappy with your current vet then you can make the switch to someone else. Most towns will have several different clinics to choose from.

The most important thing when choosing a veterinarian is that the person you choose is qualified. Most vets will need to go to a proper accredited university for at least five years before they can be classified as a vet. However, extensive experience is also important. While you don't want to be rude about it, you do have the right to ask to see qualification which should be hanging in the walls of the vet clinic on display anyway.

Another way to choose your vet is to ask other pet owners in your area. This is a great way to stay connected and find the most suitable person to look after your pet. You may find that there is a smaller more personal vet living just around the corner from you that you would have never known about unless you brought it up at the dog park. This is the best way to find out other important information about pets in your town such as the best breeders, kennels and places that are dog friendly in your neighborhood.

You can also browse through the different websites and reviews of vet practices in your area. Word of mouth forums might give you some insight into the best clinics and the ones with the worst reps. Some vets will get a bad reputation for being too rough, rude or charging too much and this will be something you want to know beforehand.

Choosing a vet that is close by and accessible is also important. If you are faced with an emergency you don't want to have to wait two weeks just to get an appointment. Many vets will also have an afterhours telephone number and may even come to your house in severe emergencies, such as if your cat was run over by a car. This is a good thing to have as you want to ensure your pet gets the quickest and best care without having to wait a week just to see your overcrowded vet.

Letting Your Instincts Decide

Finally, make sure you like the vet and the staff at the clinic. Are they friendly and nice? Do they make you feel welcome or do you have a bad feeling going in? This will make or break your decision.

Furthermore, how does your pet react? Most dogs are actually not too fond of going to the vet as they can sense that they are going to be examined or poked or force fed. However, does your dog cower at the doorway? How does the vet handle your pet? Is he rude or rough with him? This is most likely something that you will need to happy about.

Some pets hate the vet and this is a part of life. They may need to be restrained in order to be examined and this can be hard to watch. A good vet will be able to handle even the largest breeds of dogs with utmost care and compassion. The more difficult pet you have, the more important it is to take your time choosing a new veterinarian.

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