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Choosing a school for your little one can be a pretty complex thing. Not only do you have the option between a number of public schools but you also can choose private schools as well as charter schools as well. You may want to go with the school that is closest to your home or leased residence or you may be happy to drive your kids across town if it means they are getting a better education from a better school. This is all part of the fun of determining the right school for your kids.

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a school is that your child is happy. If they are a little older then they will probably be more concerned about getting into a classroom with their friends. They will probably want to attend the same school as their friends, regardless of what the educational system is at that school.

If your child is just starting school then they may be excited at the prospect or they may be terrified and want to stay with you. Both are very normal reactions. What this means is that you need to choose a school that you are completely comfortable with. Your comfort will show to your little one and this can help ease her nerves and make the transition a little smoother. If you are unsure about the school or the teacher, then this tension can be felt by your little one and she will have a harder time trusting the surroundings.

Public, Private or Charter Schools

What options do you have when it comes to choosing a school? The traditional schooling system is known as the public system. The funds come from the government and thus parents don't have to pay for the school. Private schools offer an alternative to the public system which can be criticized for being overcrowded and 'by the book.' However, private schools cost money and the teachers and the school are not required to be accredited.

Charter schools are another option which offer an alternative method of learning, normally focused on the individual as well as a more holistic learning approach. Montessori, for example, is a popular charter system which allows your child to grow at an individual rate and incorporates things like pottery, gardening and music into the normal every day curriculum. These are some of the options that you may have.

Whatever the case, do your research beforehand. What this entails is checking out the school for yourself. Bring the kids with you and see what they think. Meet the teachers that teach the grades that your children will be in and speak to the principal. Check out the indoor and outdoor facilities among other things.

You can also do some research at home online. There are a number of educational websites that list the current standards and testing scores of various schools in your area. This can give you a better indication of how each school does, academically. However, keep in mind that some teachers will teach 'by the book' to ensure their students do well on the tests which may not be a teaching method that you approve of.

In the end, it is up to you and your children to decide on the right school. Sit down and talk about it. You want them to feel comfortable in their schooling environment. When choosing a school, put their happiness first. After all, with comfort, the learning process will be strained no matter where they are.

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