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One fairly common conundrum from property renters is what to do when, for whatever reason, they are unable to stay in the residence for the length of their initial lease. Hopefully, at the time you sought out your apartment, townhouse, or other rental residence, you had a rough idea of how long you would stay and found an amenable lease arrangement. Property owners are sometimes flexible in the lease terms offered, and it can be to your advantage not to over-commit if you are uncertain that you'll stay for a long time. If, however, you find yourself unexpectedly needing to leave early, or if you were unable in the beginning to negotiate a lease that properly synced with your expected length of residence, you may consider finding a subleaser.

This is an especially widespread scenario among college students as is dealing with application fees. Whether college students are graduating, transfering schools, or going home for the summer with uncertain plans for a living arrangement in the fall, they may find that someone must be found to take over the remaining time on a lease. As subleasing can be ideal situation for other college students, you may have no problem locating someone. Advertising for a subleaser can be done through a variety of venues, not limited to local newspaper and free web classifieds. Your primarily concern is locating the right person for the opportunity.

Practical Considerations of Subletting

First and foremost, you will need to make certain that subletting property you've rented is legally allowed. If you have any doubts whatsoever concerning the length of time you will stay, you should check with your landlord in the beginning to make sure this is allowed. In an area with a high residential turnover due to frequent changes in the routine of the renters, your landlord may be more than accommodating of a subleaser down the line. Once you have determined that you are allowed to sublet your property, there are additional considerations, particularly if you share your space with roommates.

Multiple occupants of a residence automatically complicate the process of finding a subleaser, though establishing clear communication with your roommates will make the whole matter considerably easier. There are some of their preferences that logically must be taken into consideration -- requirements that were most likely clearly stated when all members of the rented property initially moved in. If your roommates are all nonsmokers for instance (or, more importantly still, if the property rules specifically prohibit tobacco use), you will need to find a subleaser from whom this will not be a problem.

Finding the Right Person

You may receive a veritable surge of responses to your advertisement for a subleaser if you live in an area where many are property hunting for the short-term. This is fortunate for you, as it gives you the opportunity to be selective and eliminate candidates who may not be the right fit. You will need to be fastidious in your search, as you -- as the individual screening potential subleasers -- will have some continuing responsibility regarding this person. It is wise to begin your search such that you have ample time to meet a variety of people.

There are certain qualities you will want to seek when choosing subleasers. The prominent characteristic you should look for is the same that property owners look for when agreeing to an original lease arrangement: personal responsibility. Ideally, you should select someone who has rented before and therefore is accustomed to making regular payments in a timely manner. You will also need to ensure how long your subleaser plans to stay.

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