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Having children changes a lot of things in your life. You will need to make some minor adjustments around the house in order to accommodate for the new little ones in your life, from installing stairway gates to making an emergency list of phone numbers. One of the things you will need to do is choose child proof locks for your windows and doors. This is especially important if you live in a second story home or an apartment building where children can easily hurt themselves falling out the window or escaping through the front door.

Choosing Child Proof Locks

There are several different child proof locks to choose for areas in your home. Knowing whether you should get the snaps, the clips, the tugs, the pulls or the throws will all depend on your house and the fixtures themselves. It might be a good idea to choose one of each type and them fit them at home. Once you know which ones are most suitable for your windows and doors then you can go back and buy more of the brand that you like.

So where should you fit the child proof locks? Once children reach around the age of two they will figure out how to open and close doors. Even locked doors are not safe for kids as they get older and figure things out. For some parents this isn't a problem if the door only leads to a fully fenced backyard. However, in other instances it can be a recipe for disaster.

Think about what lies beneath the door. If your back door goes onto a gated area then is there really a problem with your son opening and closing the door by himself? The front door, however, most likely goes onto the street and this is something you will want to keep locked with the right child proof lock in place. Or, does the door lead to a hazard such as a balcony with stairs or a swimming pool that children may be tempted to play in while you are not there?

Window and Door Safety

Your windows are also another matter to consider when child proofing your home. Children falling out of windows are a serious concern. If your windows do not have a screen in place then children can easily fall out. If you are living on the fifth floor of an apartment or if your child's bedroom is located on the second floor of a house, then this is a serious problem.

The good news for renters is that child proof window and door locks are easy to install and easy to take off as well. There are some that require a screwdriver to assemble them in place and thus they may leave markings when you take them off. However, there are others that can be attached with different textures that will not leave a mark when you decide to take them off or when you move to the next location.

It is also a good idea to look into child proofing your car doors when your kids reach that age where they can grab at the doors and open them. Even if there is a lock in place they can easily flip it and open the door while you are driving. When choosing child proof locks for windows and doors think about all areas in your home as well as your vehicle. While it can get expensive to child proof your home, it is an important part of being a responsible parent and putting safety first.

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