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Tis the season to get out the axe and head into the bushes! Nothing gets you and your family into the Christmas spirit like bundling up in your warm fuzzies and heading out into the bush to cut down your own Christmas tree and creating a bonfire. While there are several other options when it comes to getting a tree, such as buying one from a local tree farm, purchasing one from the boy scouts or even going artificial, you miss out on the fun of this traditional Christmastime event. So grab your winter jacket and rubber boats, put on three extra pairs of socks and get ready for some good old fashion Christmas tree chopping.

Christmas Tree Cutting Tips

Chopping down your own tree does come with a number of cons that you may have to look past. First of all, it cannot be done everywhere. If you are living in a major city then you most likely are not going to find bush land with lovely pine trees within walking distance of your home. You may need to travel several miles and several hours to even locate the bush land where the trees are located.

Second, you can expect the job to be a little bit difficult, depending on how big of a tree you want. You will need to chop down the tree at the trunk which will require an axe. You may wish to have someone with you to help you move the tree onto the top of your car or into the back of your truck once you have chopped it down. Make sure you also bring plenty of rope to tie to tree to your vehicle.

Make sure you have also taken the necessary safety precautions by letting someone know where you are, by ensuring there is plenty of fuel in the car as well as a spare tire and by keeping a cell phone on you just in case. Furthermore, make sure your kids stay close by you and do not wonder alone in the bushes. Bring an extra pair of socks and warm sweaters in the car just in case your clothing gets wet on the journey to find your tree.

Once you have the tree onto your car and are putting it into your house you can also expect plenty of pine needles...everywhere. This means you will need to get out the vacuum and the broom and follow the thick trail of pine needles after the tree has been brought inside. However, while this may seem like a lot of hard work, it is certainly worth it to have a unique and beautiful smelling pine tree for Christmas.

Furthermore, when you do chop down your own Christmas tree you are saving a little money that would have been spent buying one. And, unlike artificial trees, pine trees leave a lovely smell in your home that really emphasizes Christmas. You can also find a tree that will fit your specific room including a smaller one for apartments or a larger tree for big open living spaces.

Christmas is all about spending time with your family. Make chopping down your own Christmas tree a family outing by bringing the kids along to help. Let them choose the tree that they want and give them a go at trying the axe (with supervision of course). If your kids are at the right age they will love helping Mom and Dad out. Treat your family to some warm hot chocolate on the way home and prepare the tree for the decoration aspect the next day.

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