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Spills are a part of everyday life, especially if you have young children. While you can try to avoid any liquid, spill-proof your house in plastic wrap and force your children to only drink water, there is a much more convenient and less drastic way to tackle an inevitable spill – be prepared for them. There are several ways to clean common everyday spills. Below are three of the easiest and most effective methods for treating stains from A to Z (and everything in between).

Common Stain Removal

Cleaning spills off surfaces like tile, hardwood floor, laminate and tile grout is a lot easier than cleaning spills off of carpet. If you are looking at a spill on tile, hardwood floor or laminate, make sure you dab the spill up right away. If the spill is something dark like red wine or blood, then you may need to mop the floor and scrub the dried liquid off the flooring.

Treating common spills and stains from carpets are a different story. With any stain you will want to blot the dampness out rather than rub in into the carpet or affected area. You will also want to invest in a carpet cleaning solution to keep on hand in the cupboard. A spot removal detergent will also do. After you have cleaned any stain by blotting, you should gibe the carpet a good vacuum as well to get rid of any leftover residue.

Easy Spill Removal

For stains such as beer, bleach, blood, cough syrup, wine, whisky, fruit juice, ice cream, tomato juice, toothpaste, soft drink, mouthwash and ketchup, you will need to apply the carpet cleaning to the stain and blot the moisture out. Rinse well with clear water to get rid of any carpet cleaning residue. Then blot the solution dry. Because the stain is most likely heavy duty, you will also need to apply ammonia to the stain. Mix 1 tablespoon of household ammonia to 1 cup of warm water and blot the stain with this solution. If the stain is still not settled, you can also use white vinegar on the stain to blot any leftover residue.

For stains such as chocolate, crayon, felt pen, furniture polish, ink, mascara, lipstick, glue, wax and soy sauce, you can use the alcohol cleaning solution which involves rubbing or denatured alcohol. Apply rubbing alcohol to the stain and blot dry. Continue to do this until the stain doesn’t transfer back onto the cloth. Rinse with water to remove the residue. If this doesn’t work you can also try using a carpet cleaner after the rubbing alcohol solution.

Finally, for stains such as urine, vomit, tea, mustard and coffee, you can use a carpet cleaner solution mixed with a white vinegar solution. Apply the carpet cleaner to the stain and gently rub, blotting to remove the substance. Add water to the stain to get rid of the carpet cleaning residue, then apply a small amount of white vinegar to the affected area. Add more water and blot the stain dry.

Removing common spills doesn’t have to be a huge stress. However, if you are renting an apartment and are faced with a serious stain that just won’t quit, then you may need to contact a professional carpet cleaner to help you out. Most landlords are not too thrilled with a large red wine stain in the middle of their white living room carpet. If all else fails and you are still left with a stubborn stain, help is only a flip of the yellow pages and a phone call away.

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