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Blinds come with plenty of positives but one negative is that they can get dirty quite quickly. You may notice that dust and dirt often pile up on your blinds. While you probably do dust your blinds during your regular cleaning routine, this is not always enough. If your blinds are looking extra dirty and starting to impact the cleanliness of the entire house and you want to ensure a full pet deposit return, then it's time to take it one step further.

Cleaning dirty blinds can be done by a professional or you can do it yourself. If you do want to go the DIY way then you will need to remove the blinds from the window first. Before you remove your blinds from the window you should extend them to their full length and leave them partially open. This will help ensure the easiest removal.

Most blinds are screwed onto the window which means you will need a screwdriver to get them loose. Take your time and don't force the screw out. It might be a little hard to get the screw to turn if the blinds haven't been removed in a really long time.

Once you have taken your blinds off the windows you will need to place them somewhere. A good option is in your bathtub where you can give them a good scrub as well. Or, you may want to place them on a mat in your backyard if you are not happy to use your tub or if you only have a shower facility. Regardless of where you choose, line the area with old towels first.

To give your blinds a good clean you can use dish soap which will get rid of the grease, oil and dirt and leave your blinds looking sleek and shiny. If you are placing your blinds in the bathtub then you can make a bubble bath for your blinds by filling the tub with warm water. Let them soak in the tub for five minutes.

You will then need to give each slate a good washing with a wet cloth. One easy way to get both sides of each slate in one easy motion is to hold the cloth between your thumb and your forefinger. Run the cloth along each slate to get both sides without having to do too much work.

Maintaining your Blinds

Once you have cleaned your blinds you will need to hose them off. You can do so easily by running the shower and letting out the plug. Once they are all clean you will need to let them dry. Lay a few clean towels on the bathroom floor and let your blinds try there.

If you are using your backyard then you can take the car wash approach to cleaning your blinds. Fill up a bucket with warm water mixed with dish soap and scrub the blinds with an old cloth. Once you have washed each individual slate you will need to hose them off. You can then transfer the blinds to a dry area, such as a table, and let them dry out in the sun.

In addition to cleaning dirty blinds, you should also give them a good dusting every time you do a major house clean. This will keep your blinds from piling up with dust and also keep your home dust and allergen free. Keeping your blinds cleaned is quite important to the overall look of your house. After all, soiled blinds and grubby windows can make the entire house look dirtier than it really is.


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