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There may not be anything you want to do less this weekend than clean your kitchen tile grout. However, this is a job that should be done to keep your home looking new, clean and sanitary. You should make a date with your kitchen tile grout for at least once a year for a good ol’ fashion scrubbing. Regular maintenance and a bit of scrubbing throughout the year will also help keep the mould, mildew and dirt from building up and dirtying your tiles.

What is Tile Grout?

Grout is used to fill in the cracks in between your tiles. Most grout is a light color but over time can turn dark and stained due to the buildup of dirt, mould and mildew - especially if you share your bathroom with a messy roommate. Cleaning kitchen tile grout involves a lot of scrubbing and dirty work. You will need to get down on your hands and knees and scrub. You will most likely be faced with a lot of dirt, especially if your tiles are especially grubby and you will need to use quite a few towels and cleaning product to get those tiles gleaming clean again.

You may not even realize how dirty your kitchen tiles are until you do a small patch and see the difference. And, once you discover how clean your kitchen tiles can really be, it can be hard to look anywhere else until you get the job done (and done right).Make the most out of your cleaning job by investing in the right product and materials to get the job done fast and effectively. After all, the quicker you clean the grout on your kitchen tiles, the sooner you can go back to enjoying your sparkling clean kitchen.

Cleaning your Tile Grout

There are specially manufactured tile grout cleaner products that are sold in most hardware shops. Ask an expert in the shop to help you find the right solution for you. The type of cleaning product you choose will depend on the color of your tiles as well as the buildup of dirt. A heavy duty cleaner may be necessary if your grout is looking especially grubby. Most cleaning solutions can be applied to the entire tile. You will need to let the solution sit before scrubbing the grout thoroughly. Another option for cleaning grout is bleach cleaner which can kill the mould and mildew that tends to grow on tile grout. However, keep the safety precautions in mind when working with bleach. Wear old clothes that you don’t mind staining and keep your children away from the mess.

Make sure you wear protective gloves and have a scrubbing brush handy when cleaning your tile grout. You will also need to wash up the dirt that comes off the grout. It is a good idea to have a few old towels around as well as a mop and bucket to make the most of the job. After you scrub a section of tile, wipe the dirt off with the towel and then give the entire tile a good mop and scrub.

Set a few hours out of your day to clean your kitchen tile grout. Send the kids to a friend’s house and keep the pets outside to avoid any paw prints in the grime. After you have done the job, you will be rewarded with a kitchen that looks as good as new. Enjoy a glass of wine or a beer and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. The result of cleaning dirty grout on your kitchen tiles is certainly worth the hard work in the end.

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