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Cleaning your baseboards is definitely not the most exciting way to spend your afternoon but it should be done in order to keep your house looking clean and tidy. Your baseboards are usually white and located around the edge of your flooring. Over time you may notice your baseboards turning a yellowish tinge and dust, debris and dirt collecting on top of them. A few simple cleaning tricks will help keep your baseboards looking freshly painted and bright white for much longer.

How to Clean your Baseboards

Cleaning your baseboards is not as hard as attempting to break your lease. Even baseboards with lots of hard grease and gunge can be cleaned with a Magic Eraser and a little bit of scrubbing. The first step in cleaning your baseboards is to vacuum all the dust and debris away with a vacuum hose. You won't be able to get them perfectly clean this way but you should notice a big difference with this small tip.

Your baseboards will probably also need a wash. You may choose to use soap and warm water with a cloth to clean the baseboards or you can also choose to use vinegar. Vinegar is a natural way to keep your baseboards shining and tends to work a little better than just soap and water. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar into a bucket and add hot water to the mixture. You should use 5 cups of water per cup of vinegar.

Vinegar will work to remove some of those really harsh stains and even mould which is a big plus. You may want to wear gloves for the job and it is also a good idea to do the work when your children are pre occupied, napping or out for the afternoon. That way you don't have to worry about any accidental swallowing or spilling of the solutions. If you notice that your baseboards have a lot of chips in them and large black marks that cannot be scrubbed away, a simple coat of touch up white paint will easily cover those marks and make your baseboards like new again.

After you have cleaned your baseboards with the mixture you don't have to do anything else. You can just leave them to air dry and sparkle. It is a good idea to also give your flooring a good polish or vacuum as well to really see the difference.

How Often Should I Clean my Baseboards?

You don't have to clean your baseboards every time you get out your vacuum but it is a good way to give your home an extra glimmer once and a while. You may choose to clean your baseboards during your annual spring clean or when guests are coming over for Christmas or Easter dinner. Or you may choose to clean them once a month before the dirt really starts to show. This all depends on your own cleanliness and in what condition you choose to keep your house.

When you are renting your apartment or house it is also a good idea to give your baseboards a clean as part of the moving out process. Keeping your rental unit as clean as possible will demonstrate to your landlord how responsible you are. This means a better recommendation and a much easier process in finding another place to rent down the road.

You may be surprised how different your room looks after a good baseboard clean. Most people will not even notice the baseboards in a home until they really stand out. Give your home a surprising face lift by cleaning the baseboards.

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