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When your pets gotta go, he’s going to go, regardless of where you are. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to clean up after your pet inside and outside the home. Cleaning up after a pet will depend on the pet. It is important that you do your job and clean up after your pet in order to keep your home and your yard looking well taken care of.

Cleaning a Cat Litter Box

Cats will do their business in a litter box which can be purchased from any pet shop or superstore. You can choose a number of types of litter boxes as well as cat litter for the box. To clean a litter box you will need to scoop up the chunks once a day. Leaving the mess in the box will result in severe odor in your home, especially in the room where you keep the litter box. At least once a week you need to change the litter completely by emptying out the box, giving it a rinse and refilling it with new litter. This will help get rid of the urine and feces smell.

Cleaning up After your Dog

Most dogs will do their business outside. However, many will choose anywhere in the yard to go to the toilet which means your backyard may look like a mine field at the end of the week. It is important to take care of this mess, especially when you are renting and let your kids run around in the yard. You don’t want them accidently stepping in the droppings or thinking it is mud and playing with it. Make it a habit to either visit off the path local biking trails or spend a couple minutes searching the yard every night or two and cleaning up the droppings.

Some dogs will choose to do their business away from home. Whenever you go for a walk with your dog bring a doggy bag with you. Some parks will supply them but it is best to have your own stash just in case. You don’t want to be caught without one, especially if your dog chooses to go to the washroom on your neighbor’s lawn. Pick up the mess with your bag and dispose of it in a garbage bin.

When your Pet is Sick

In addition to going to the toilet, animals also tend to throw up every once and a while. Dogs will often eat grass when they have an upset tummy which is a good indication that they have eaten something they shouldn’t have and will need to throw it up eventually. If your dog or cat is throwing up, this does not necessarily mean he is sick; he most likely just ate too fast or ate something that didn’t agree with his stomach. In any case, you will need to clean up the mess.

As soon as you notice that your pet may be sick the best thing to do is carry him outside and away from the carpeted living room. Dogs and cats will both make a sound in their throat and heave forward before they are about to be sick. If you see this happening, move fast to avoid a big mess in your living room.

If your dog or cat is throwing up constantly, lethargic, not eating or has diarrhea, then it’s time to take her to the vet. She could have a stomach bug, worms or another serious health condition. Part of cleaning up after pets and taking care of your pet is knowing when something is not right with her stools, bowels or vomit and getting her the help she needs to get better.

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