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Time to do some serious spring cleaning? If so, then you shouldn't just spend your weekend on the inside of the property. You should also be venturing outside to clean up your backyard before the start of a new season, which will also give your little ones a place to play and help to keep children out of roads. It is a good idea to do a good clean of your backyard at least twice a year - once in the fall before the winter hits and once in the spring to get ready for the longer, hotter days of summer.

Trimming the Backyard

So what needs to be done? First of all, it is a good idea to get your lawn mowed and ready. Many people will use fertilizer as well as a weed whacker to go along the edges and get the weeds that are growing. This is much easier than picking out the weeds individually but they will grow back. However, as anyone that has ever gardened knows, weeds tend to have a way of coming back, regardless of whether you clip them or pull them.

Fertilizer can keep your yard looking nice and green throughout the year and many people will depend on it as part of their regular mowing ritual. Others are happy to mow without any chemicals.

Another thing you will need to do, especially in the fall, is clean up the leaves that have fallen off the trees in your yard. This can be made into a family job. To do this you will need a rack and some large garbage bags or a compost pit. Rake the leaves into several piles and then get your family to help you pick them up and store them in the garbage bags or bring them into the compost pile. Depending on how many trees you have in your yard, this can take several hours to do.

You might also want to take this time to work on your garden area. It is a good idea to plant flowers in both winter and summer. Bulbs are especially good to plant just before winter as they take some time to grow and will be ready to pop up in the spring. Have a look at the different flowers out there to see which ones will work with your climate and the season.

Gutter and Roofing Inspections

Make sure you also take the time to inspect your roof and gutter when you are cleaning up the backyard. Get a ladder and check that all the shingles are in place on the roof. If you notice any are lose and you have the know-how, then you can nail them back in while up there. If you notice serious damage to the shingles or other roofing material, then contact your landlord before the winter season hits to avoid leaks and further problems down the road.

When you are inspecting your gutters, make sure there are no leaf and debris build up in the gutters which will block the drainage and cause problems to the house. Also, check that the gutters are all firmly in place. If there are any lose areas, then contact your landlord to have this repaired before the winter starts and the rain sets in.

These jobs can be done in a weekend or several weeks. Depending on how long and how overgrown the backyard is, you may be able to get away with just a few basic gardening tools or you might need to call in the experts to help you out. Taking the time and cleaning up your backyard now means you can reap the rewards later, literally.

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