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Just like sharing laundry facilities isn't the funnest thing in the world  to do, cleaning your bathroom is never going to be a fun job either. However, it is something that you need to do on a regular basis. Letting your sink, toilet and shower get dirtier and dirtier is only going to make the job harder in the long run.

Furthermore, if you let the dirt build up you could be faced with grease, mold and mildew which is even harder to clean. Take the time to clean your bathroom at least once a week. With the right equipment and with regular maintenance, the task will only take you a few minutes each week.

Cleaning your bathroom involves sanitizing the area and making it all sparkly and new. Essentially you are going to have four main areas to tackle - the shower; the toilet; the sink; and the floor. The good news for renters is that there are several products available that can tackle all areas in your bathroom. What this means is that you only need to use one cleaner.

Bathroom Cleaning Products

There are several heavy duty options as well as greener cleaning supplies. If you are going to go green then you may need to do a little more scrubbing than if you are opting for a heavy duty chemical. You may also wish to purchase a separate bathroom cleaning product that allows you to simply pour the solution into the water and work its magic.

In addition to a cleaning product you will also need rubber gloves, a scrubbing brush or clean cloth, a toilet scrubber, a mop to wash the floors and additional wipes to give everything a good clean after. Start by taking out all the products in your bathroom shower and on the sink. Place them outside of the door for now.

Showers, Sinks and Toilets

Spray the cleaning solution in the shower as well as in the sink. Let it sit for a while before using the scrubbing brush to scrub it off. Make sure you get all corners of your shower as well as under the sink. The grease, grime and dirt should easily lift off the taps, the basin and everywhere else. If you have mildew then this can take a little extra scrubbing to get off.

Put on the rubber gloves when cleaning your toilet. Flush the toilet first before pouring the liquid in. Use the scrubbing brush to push the liquid all over the basin and under the edges. Use a clean cloth to get around the outside of the basin as well as around the sink. Then flush the toilet again for a sparkling clean toilet.

Once the shower, sink and toilet are clean it's time to move onto the floors. You can dilute the cleaning solution with water and simply mop the tiles in your bathroom in a quick motion. If your bathroom is quite small it might be easier to just use a clean cloth as a handheld mop. Make sure you get around all the edges and up the walls where dust and dirt can hide.

After you have finished, take all the clothes and throw them in a dirty wash. Give them a good clean on their own cycle to get rid of the germs and dirt. Don't forget to also give the mirror a good wipe and get rid of any back splashes from tooth paste or water. Finally, when the sink and the floors are dry, you can return the items to your bathroom and relax for another week before it's time for cleaning your bathroom all over again.

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