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If you have a toddler or a young child then you probably have a special area in the house where you try to keep him contained. You maybe have a toy box or a toy shelf as well as some sort of play mat for him to sit on and do his puzzles, read his stories and play with his blocks. Over time his play mat can get quite dirty, especially if he is also having his snacks here and doing his arts and crafts in this area. It is important to keep this area as clean as possible. So how can you safely clean your child's play mat without damaging it in the process?

This depends on the material of the play mat. One of the most popular types of play mats are foam ones in which there are different pieces connected together. The pieces can be in the shapes of the ABCs or can even make a picture such as a farm or zoo scene. These foam shapes are comfortable and easy to pull apart which makes them the perfect thing for your child's play area. Furthermore, they provide support from the hard flooring underneath as your child learns how to walk, how to dance, how to jump and how to somersault.

Cleaning Foam Mats

Cleaning foam play mats is quite easy. All you need to do is give them a good rinse with a sanitizer every now and again. You can make it a game for your child by filling up the bath tub and giving each piece a bath. You can use a wide range of cleaning products but if you are letting your son help then you may wish to stick to something mild and gentle on little hands. On hot days you can take out the paddling pool and clean the mat outside together.

Cleaning Carpet Play Mats

Another popular material for children' play mats are carpet. Carpeted play mats often come in special patterns and pictures such as road play mats where your son can zoom zoom his cars to different places painted on the mat. You can also find play mats that feature beloved children's characters such as Thomas, Dora and Pooh Bear.

When cleaning carpet you should include your play mat on your regular vacuum routine. Take everything off the mat and give it a good clean with the vacuum. You may also want to pick up the mat and take it outside for a good shake. It is a good idea to avoid putting the mat into the washing machine as this can damage the bottom sticky layer and the colors may also run.

For major spills on a carpeted play mat you can apply carpet cleaner or use the same tricks as you normally would when cleaning carpet, such as baking soda or soda water. For really serious spills you may wish to have the play mat professionally cleaned depending on how expensive the mat is and how attached your child is to it.

Cleaning your child's playmat should be done regularly to ensure that your child is playing in a clean and sanitary place. You may also wish to spray a light sanitizer or odor remover onto the mat once and a while to keep it smelling nice. Keep the area as clean and tidy as possible by also investing in some sort of toy organizer such as shelving or different colored bins. That way your child will learn how to keep his area clean and how to pick up after himself, a very valuable lesson to learn.

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