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Sharing a house or apartment with a member of the opposite sex can be a refreshing change of pace. However, it also can be a recipe for disaster in some instances. One of the easiest ways to share your apartment, home or duplex living spaces with someone of the opposite gender is to embrace the difference and discuss any problems before they turn into fights. Below are some of the most common co ed roommate concerns and how to solve them before they end in a split.

Co Ed Roommate Disputes Solved

One of the biggest problems with co ed roommates is the difference in living styles. While this is most certainly not always the case, men tend to be messier than women. One of the biggest complaints women have when it comes to their male roommates is their mess. Dirty socks, empty beer cans, unclean underwear and smelly shoes can litter the hallways and cause fights to break out. Males, on the other hand, tend to complain that their women roommate nag too much – clean the dishes, keep the toilet seat down, clean up your tools, put away your laundry, etc.

One way to solve this common problem is to try reversing the roles. Your male roommate has probably spent much of his life with his Mom. What this means is that he has been ‘nagged’ about keeping clean for most of his life. The last thing he wants in a roommate is a mother. Try to be less of a mom and more of a mate when it comes to sharing your living space with a male. This does not mean you have to clean up after him or stay quiet about the mud-stained jeans that live on your couch; it just means talking to him like a friend about it rather than nagging him like his mom.

Reverse the roles. If you are a male living with a female then consider how important cleanliness is to her. Try to understand that she is not nagging you for the sake of it – she is doing it as a method of communication. Moodiness is another big concern for co ed roommates. If you notice your female roommate is a tad edgy, then don’t provoke her. Stay out of her way and let her be. The mood will pass if you let it.

Co Ed Roommate Relationships

Another issue is sexual chemistry. If you and your roommate do get along and find each other attractive, then there is always the chance that your roommate relationship may go one step further. In some instances this is fine and you may actually find true love this way. However, in other instances, this can cause complications, especially if you decide to end the relationship and return to being just ‘roommates.’

If you do decide to take your relationship to the next level it might be a good idea for one of you to relocate for the time being. That way, you are not ‘living together’ right away. If you do break up then there is less awkwardness when the time comes to start dating other people again. There is no hurt feeling, jealousy or awkward late night bathroom trips.

When living with a co ed roommate you need to discuss all things that are bothering you before they spiral out of control. You also need to be flexible with your living situation and understand the differences in lifestyles. After all, if you do decide to get married one day, co ed roommates can be excellent practice for the many trials and tribulations of married life.

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