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Finding college housing costs can be stressful to say the least. You want to find a college house that is affordable, convenient and comfortable. You do not want to be living in a shoe box in someone's basement but you also most likely cannot afford a luxury penthouse loft overlooking the ocean. There are several different costs that will go into your college housing, all of which you should be aware of before signing any lease agreement and moving in.

College Housing Costs Guide

College housing costs can get expensive. On top of making the payments each month, you also have to keep food on the table and make sure your student fees are up to date. However, regardless of where you are looking for college housing, be sure to look at more than just the costs. Cheap accommodation is important but so is finding a place that is suited towards your lifestyle and your needs.

Rent is one of the most expensive college housing costs. You will most likely be paying rent on a weekly or monthly basis unless you are living in on campus dorms or a shared home. In this case, you could be paying each semester or only once a year. It is important to remember, however, that in addition to rent, there are a number of other college housing costs to consider. If you only have $1000 per month spending money and your rent is anything higher than $500 per month, then you may be over your budget.

Another college housing cost to consider is utility bills. This includes things like electricity, water, phone, internet and any other bills that are related to your condo. If you live in a shared house or apartment, you can expect these costs to be much less than if you are renting out an entire house, condominium or townhouse. You can expect to pay as much as $200 per month on utility bills. Furthermore, if you live in a really hot or cold climate, you may be looking at even higher electricity bills with the added heating and cooling costs to keep your heater or your air conditioner running.

In addition to these college housing costs, you also need to consider additional expenses such as transportation expenses (a bus pass or fuel for your car), groceries and other living expenses and student fees. What this means for any student is that their financial budget is stretched pretty tightly as is. You most likely do not have more than a hundred dollars left over each month with the expenses of school and living. If you are struck with any type of disaster, accident or emergency, you will most likely be unable to afford the extra costs without relying on your family or senior citizen relatives for a loan.

College Housing Costs Insurance

One way to prevent getting stuck on college housing costs is to consider college apartment insurance. Students can expect to pay around $10 for a comprehensive plan that will protect their contents in the event of any accident. This includes damage caused by poor weather (such as storm, hail, wind, rain or sleet), damage caused by others (such as water damage, fires, theft, vandalism or electrical damage), damage caused by natural disasters (such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and landslides) and serious injury or accidents.

Students can pick and choose how much or how little they want. You may consider contents insurance to pay for any repairs or replacements to your belongings such as your computer, your electronics and your clothing. Loss of use coverage is another good option and will pay for any moving expenses or alternative accommodation if your apartment is unlivable. Furthermore, physical liability protection will pay for any medical or legal expenses that incur if someone is seriously injured in your college house. The level of coverage will depend on what type of housing you live in, how much stuff you have to insure and what your financial situation is like. If you are like most students, then you simply cannot afford a natural disaster which is why college housing insurance is such a valuable option.

Best Discounts on Student Housing Insurance

There are student discounts available on many things. By flashing your student card, you may be eligible for a discount on the bus, at the movies, in certain stores and even when buying renters insurance. When looking into renters insurance for students, be sure to compare the various policies to see what discounts you could be eligible for.

With an online search of student renters insurance, you will be able to weigh the costs and policies of a number of providers in your area. You can purchase a comprehensive policy at an affordable premium in a matter of minutes. This is one college housing costs that you should not be without.