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Decorative folding screens can provide your home with an elegant vibe as well as offer an excellent way to divide a larger space into two or more rooms. Folding screens are popular in all types of apartments, houses and lofts as a statement piece that offers a dramatic and versatile effect.

Decoration Options with Folding Screens

Colorful folding screens can be used in any home or any room. As a room separator or divider, they are best used in larger spaces, such as a loft. Furthermore, you can also use a folding screen to add an extra bedroom or any other room. Let’s say you want to make four different ‘rooms’ in a loft apartment. While you can arrange the furniture to block off each room, you can also use a folding colorful screen. This is often a good choice to block off your bedroom area from the other areas in your home. A folding screen can also block off any items that you prefer to keep hidden such as your laundry basket of dirty washing.

Colorful folding screen can also be used as a back drop or a corner piece to add depth to your room, just don't let them fall subject to cat scratched home decorations. A folding screen can add area to a tight space and create the illusion of height in a room. The folding screen will most likely become a focus point in the room so be sure to consider what color and design you want to illuminate. Match your pillows, couches and other accessories to the hues in the screen.

They can also be used as the perfect way to hide a feature, such as a hot water heater in your kitchen or a wave heater in your living room. It can be much easier and safer to simply place a colorful folding screen in front of the item rather than try to move it. In some instances you may not be allowed to move an item as per your landlord lease agreement. However, folding screens are easy to transport and can solve any ugly feature problem.

Colorful folding screens also look great outdoors and can make the perfect entrance way. If you don’t have the patience to landscape, or if you live in a rental property that does not allow it, strategically placed exterior folding screens can make an elegant walkway for your guests as well as offer privacy to your outdoor living space.

Color, Design and Cost Selection

Decorating colorful folding screens come in a wide range of materials, colors, designs, textures and price range. While you can get folding screens at superstores, you may want to look at specialty shops for unique pieces with excellent craftsmanship. A beautifully decorated colorful screen will most certainly be a focal point in your room so choose wisely.

Consider how much you are willing to spend on a decorating folding screen as well as what the main purpose will be. Will you be using the screen to add an extra room for guests when they visit or will you be using the screen all year long? Do you want the screen to block off an unobtrusive view or are you looking for a statement piece that makes your room pop?

When it comes to decorating with colorful folding screens, consider the space as a whole. What materials and designs will go with your interior décor? A floral colorful folding screen can look great in a bedroom matching this summery décor. A bright Asian-inspired screen will look charming in a room with a similar theme.

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