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Columbus renters insurance is not something that you should lose sleep over. After all, for less than 50 cents a day, you can ensure that your home and your belongings are protected at all times of the day and for any occasion. For less than the price of a parking ticket per week, you will be insuring your life for all the bumps ahead and ensuring that you will receive the financial compensation you deserve if your rental property suffers from a disaster. So what can a renter expect from the Columbus renters insurance market and from the housing market in general? Columbus, Ohio is one of the largest cities in the nation- does this mean we can expect large price tags on the homes as well? You may be surprised. You can get free quotes on cheap renters insurance quickly and easily with this site!

Standard of Living, Rental Rates and Columbus renters insurance Costs

There are many reasons you should think about getting Ohio renters insurance. Columbus is home to 725,000 people. Currently almost 50% of the Columbus, Ohio population is renting due to the affordable market [1] . There are a number of excellent neighborhoods to choose from including the University District, the Peach District, Harrison West, the Italian Village and Capitol Square. There is an abundance of activities for renters including excellent career prospects, racetracks, museums, fine dining and cultural events. Furthermore, the cost of living is relatively cheap in Ohio and 3% lower than the national average. For Ohio renters, you can expect to pay $450 for studio apartments, $550-700 for one bedroom apartments and $65-850 for two bedroom apartments which is around the national average on rental properties [2] . Since 2004, the average price for one bedroom and two bedroom apartments have hardly changed and, in the case of one bedroom apartments, the rates have actually decreased from $625 to $618 within the last five years. For two bedroom apartments, the rates have only increased by a measly $14, up from $730 to $744 [3] .

But what about the rate for Columbus renters insurance? Surely renters will not be able to find a bargain on both their home and their home insurance plan right? Wrong. Columbus renters insurance will cost renters an average of $163 per year which is well below the national average of $240 per year for renters coverage [4]. This works out to less than $14 per month (or less than a weekly coffee from Starbucks), but many Columbus residents are taking the chance by renting without Columbus renters insurance. There are a number of reasons and plausible incidents that make this a risky move.

Columbus renters insurance for all Occasions

As any Columbus resident knows, the weather is anything but predictable in Ohio. There have been cases of floods, hurricanes, blizzards and even tornadoes in recent years, all of which can cause devastating damage your rental home. This is only one of the reasons to opt for Columbus renters insurance. In the case of a natural disaster, it is comforting to know that you will be compensated for any damage to your possessions. After all, there is enough emotional strain when dealing with a disaster without the financial worry as well. One of the first questions people shopping for renters insurance has is what will my renters insurance cover.

Natural disasters aside, there are plenty of other reasons to purchase Columbus renters insurance. The summers are sweltering hot which means more people are turning to air conditioners and fans, both of which can be involved in electrical disasters, and the winters are freezing cold, which means an abundance of fires and heating accidents. During those extra cold months, more and more people are turning to heating devices and fireplaces to stay warm. What happens if one of these fires becomes out of control? Even if you are always careful about fire safety, it is possible that a fire from another apartment could spread into your home, causing damage not only to the building but also ruining your belongings. Your landlord's renters insurance will pay for the damage to the building but what about your personal material items? This is where your Columbus renters insurance will come in.

There are a number of instances where a small mistake can lead to grave disasters. If you happen to leave the stove on, if you fall asleep with a candle burning, if a pipe bursts in your condo- all of these small disasters can cause irreplaceable damage to your belongings, including any carpeting, rugs, furniture and electronics. Furthermore, there really is no way to control the actions of your neighbors and their mistakes could easily affect your possessions.

With Columbus renters insurance, your personal property coverage will compensate you for your losses suffered by any of these incidents. Furthermore, you will also be covered in case of a robbery, riot or theft in your townhouse, loft, apartment or condominium. Although Columbus is considered a relatively safe place for renters to call home, you really never know when you could be a victim of break and enter or theft. It's important to be prepared for these ‘what ifs' in life in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. No one wants to return home to discover their computer, their television set and their jewels box has been raided and emptied.

Many Columbus renters are also looking into liability insurance for their rental house. Liability insurance will pay for the costs involved if someone happens to get hurt on your property and decides to press charges. If a neighborhood child hits his head in your backyard, you could be held responsible, and without Columbus renters insurance, you could also be forced to pay big. If you have a dog that bites someone outside your house, then you could be in a lot of financial trouble without the proper insurance liability coverage.

Columbus renters insurance Policy Options

Choosing the right insurance policy can be a little difficult, especially if you are unsure of what you are looking for exactly. Everyone will require different needs depending on what you want covered, where you live and your deductibles needed. College students may find that they do not need a plan with as much coverage as a family that have a three bedroom house full of material items. A senior citizen with a lifetime worth of expensive and antique jewelry may want to consider additional protection for these items. It all depends on your lifestyle and your belongings.

One of the smartest and easiest ways to pick the right Columbus renters insurance is to compare the various premiums offered by the different insurance companies. Instead of searching through piles of brochures or scanning website after website, you can compare different Columbus renters insurance plans by simply filling out your zip code and pressing enter. That's it- no muss, no fuss. The online comparison wizard will look through the various companies to find the best Columbus renters insurance for your needs. Keep in mind that, on top of looking for the best price, you also want to make sure the policy you choose features the insurance extras and deductibles that will compensate you for all possible situations. After all, when it comes to living, renting and insuring in Columbus, Ohio, you can expect the unexpected.

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