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Commercial renters insurance protects your personal property if you lease office space, warehouse space, or retail space. If you are one of the many Americans currently leasing business space, you need commercial renters insurance to protect the valuables you maintain inside your business.

Renters of this type of property need to know that commercial insurance is one of the necessities required to run a business with a sense of security. You wouldn't leave your office without a security system in place over night to guard against theft. You wouldn't leave your warehouse space without a sprinkler system in case a fire breaks out. So, you definitely don't need to let your rental space go unprotected by commercial renters insurance.

Commercial Renters Insurance 101

The person or entity you rent your business space from has insurance to protect the building itself. But, that policy will not protect what is inside of it. Your commercial renters insurance will do that. When you purchase this kind of renters insurance protection, you keep safe your: office equipment, files, furniture, phones, computers, printers, and product samples.

Renters of business property will be guarded by this type of insurance from events like: fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, electrical surge, water main break, terroristic acts, and certain environmental disasters. With this commercial coverage in place, the independent businessperson can rest at ease when he or she leaves his or her business each evening to go home for some R&R.

Good Times & Bad: Commercial Renters Insurance

The old jazz song says, "I'm gonna love you come rain or come shine." Well, your commercial renters insurance is singing a similar tune to you when you put it in place. Whether you go through good times or bad, your coverage is going to protect you.

There are two types of policies you can select from: actual cash value (ACV) and replacement cost value (RCV). With ACV, you get reimbursed for any lost, stolen or damaged items in the amount that the items are worth minus depreciation. The premiums are deliberately low, which makes this a great policy for the businessperson on a budget. With the RCV policy, you pay a higher premium, but you get the full cost of replacement at the time of loss with no deduction from depreciation. This makes the second type of coverage the more thorough, even if the most expensive, choice.

A leased business space is like your home away from home a lot of times. You need to make sure you pay as close attention to its security as you do to your home. Rental coverage on this property is crucial for so many reasons.

What if a truck driver makes a delivery to your office and falls while pulling in heavy boxes. He's on your rental property, so you are responsible for his medical problems if he sues you for damages. You might think the property owner is responsible because you're only a lessee of the space. But, that is incorrect. Only commercial renters insurance with personal liability coverage will protect you against such a lawsuit.

Commercial Renters Insurance: Final Words

We live in a complex and difficult world. Navigating it is sometimes akin to finding a pathway across a desert with no road signs and no directions. Sometimes, we must be self-directed. When you decide to rent commercial office or warehouse space, you are doing just that. You are taking your financial world by the horns, holding firmly to it, and saying, "I'm in control." But, without renters insurance, your sense of control can be easily set off balance.

When the inevitable meets the unexpected and both happen to visit your business on the same day, you cannot afford to be in a commercial lease without the right rental coverage. It's like opening the door to the office and ringing a large cow-bell while singing, "Please, disaster, please, come here and find me. Find me."

Taking control of your environment means purchasing renters insurance coverage. You can speak to an agent today within a few moments that will give you a free quote on your coverage and speak to you about how to put a highly-effective policy in place. For a low monthly premium, you can cover all the items in your business and know that you are safe. You don't want your small business to be derailed by an event that is unforeseen and blindsides you. It's your choice though. You can decide to put on blinders and ignore the facts about crime and property loss that every commercial lessee faces. Or, you can pull up your boots and face it all like a real man. You can look it eye to eye and say: "I'm prepared to face whatever comes." This is the best choice. Get commercial renters insurance today.