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Cockroaches are an annoying little creature that may be living in your home without you even realizing it. These bugs tend to come out at night and thus can frighten you and catch you off guard. If you are living in an area where it is quite warm, then it's perfect soccer weather, but also perfect cockroach weather. Do your part to ban cockroaches from your home by being aware of what attracts them and how to repel them from coming too close.

Cockroaches don't actually do any real harm to you and your family. They are not poisonous like some of the other creepy crawlies and they actually don't make much of a mess. However, knowing that they are there can be enough to give anyone a fright, especially if you happen to see them scurrying when you least expect it.

One of the biggest things that attract cockroaches is the warmth of your house. Of course, turning the air conditioner on full all year round is not going to prevent the cockroaches from coming in and is not too practical either. However, it is important to understand this is why one of the reasons they are coming into your home.

Cockroaches are quite sneaky and can usually get in through really small spaces. However, by leaving any windows and doors open, you are letting the cockroaches have free range of your house. Make sure you always shut the doors and that you invest in a security screen which will allow you to enjoy the cool breeze but without letting cockroaches come in. A security screen is also usually a little longer than a traditional door which means it can prevent cockroaches from crawling under the doorway and into your home when you sleep.

Another common cockroach problem is that they love food scraps. Many roaches will pick a place to live in your house during the day and then head into the kitchen at night in search for food. One way to prevent this from happening is to always ensure that your kitchen remains as clean as possible and invest in a lid for your garbage bin.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

To get rid of cockroaches you need to think like one. Where are the best places to hide in your home? Drawers are quite common as are any dark corners in your house. To keep cockroaches on their toes, make sure you always clean every crevice of your home. If you do notice cockroach poop in your dresser drawers or in the pantry cupboards then you probably have one or two living somewhere nearby. It is only a matter of time before you run into one another.

Many people are not comfortable spraying or bombing their entire household with cockroach killing solution. The bombs are actually quite expensive and you will need to buy a different bomb for each room. Furthermore, if you have pets or kids, you may not feel happy about having this chemical in your home.

There are less intense cockroach sprays that are more child and eco friendly. One good option is a spray that you only put on the entrances of your doorway. Simply spray the solution on your front, back and patio entrances as well as perhaps in the entrance to your kitchen and bathroom. The spray will kill the cockroaches instantly and you don't have to bomb the entire house. If you wake up and notice dead cockroaches lying by the doorways then you know you had a common cockroach problems and that this solution is doing its job.

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