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Many homeowners will look at converting their garage into another room. If you are renting your house, however, you most likely won't want to spend your own money to convert your landlord's garage. After all, this will only benefit you for the years you are living there but will not be any sort of investment to you, but to your landlord instead. Furthermore, there is a pretty good chance that this major home renovation will be denied by your landlord anyway when you are trying to find accommodation for moving.

Even if you do not have permission from your landlord to renovate and remodel the garage, you can still make your garage into another type of room with some simple ideas. You can easily convert your garage into a gym or a teenage retreat without getting out the tools. So put away the remodeling contractors' phone number and stick to the basics when looking into common garage conversions for rental houses.

Garage Remodels in Rental Homes

Many people will not use their garage as a place to store their cars. If you have a large driveway then you may simply park your cars in the driveway and use your garage as an extra storage area or living space. However, if you want to use this space in a better way then you can also do so without going into major debt from a major home renovation.

Let's say you want to make your garage into a home gym which is quite popular. Your garage is going to be cooler than the other areas in your home which makes it the perfect place to work out during the summer months. Furthermore, you don't need any fancy decorations - just gym equipment.

Purchase some matting for the floor so you have a soft place to do sit ups and pushups as well as a few second hand cardio machines to add to your collection of bar bells and other equipment. Invest in a stereo system and perhaps put a few motivating posters on the wall for a little ambiance. You may wish to also put up a few hooks to hang your towels and you are ready to go.

Another common way to use your garage is for a second living area or a teenager retreat. The garage is still part of your home but it also has some privacy, perfect for your older kids. You can make sure they are behaving themselves but also can give them their independence. Pick up some second hand furniture and carpeting to make the area as little nicer than just your standard garage.

Let your kids decorate it with posters of their favorite rock bands and anything else they wish. You may even want to run a cable from the main house so that they can watch television. Other good options for the garage include a pool table, ping pong table and gaming system, all of which will go down well with your older kids. A final thing you need to purchase is a portable heater for the colder months as your garage will generally get a lot colder than the rest of the house.

You don't need to shell out a lot of money to benefit from common garage conversions. If you are currently not using your garage to store your vehicles or other items and are a little strapped for space, then why not make use of this area? While it might not be as welcoming or warm as the main part of the house, it does offer privacy and space which can benefit any family living in a small area together.

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