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If you are fortunate enough to be renting an apartment with a swimming pool, then count your blessings, especially if you are living in an area where heat waves are common. A swimming pool provides an excellent aerobic workout and makes a great place to relax and unwind after a long week. Furthermore, a complex pool is usually a great place to socialize with friends. Whether you are looking to cool down on the fourth of July, want to celebrate your birthday with a splash or are just looking to fire up the barbeque on a hot summer weekend, a pool party sure beats changing the air filters as the best ways to cool down this season.

Three Steps to Pool Party Success

However, before you plan your complex pool party, there are a few things you need to prepare for. First of all, notify the neighbors and ask permission. You cannot stop your neighbors from using the complex pool but you can ask them if it would be okay to throw a party for a couple of hours. Tell them the occasion, the day and the hours you plan on using the pool for. They may stop by for a quick hello or they may stay away for that period of time. Either way, you are doing the polite thing and avoiding any conflicts in the future.

Furthermore, be sure to also get the go ahead from your landlord. If the landlord finds out that you are throwing a pool party without permission then you can expect your next encounter to come with an eviction notice. Some apartment complexes do not allow guests to use the swimming pool so be sure to speak to your landlord and re-read your lease agreement to understand the rules.

Second of all, plan ahead. Have everything you need on hand so you are not running up and down the stairs wet and slippery. This may include food, beverages, decorations, extra towels and clothes, chairs, barbeque equipment (if the pool also has a barbeque area), pool toys (for a kid’s birthday), a cell phone and anything else that may be needed to make your celebration a splash.

You should also plan to occupy the pool for only a short period of time. Two hours is plenty of time to eat some snacks, have a swim and enjoy your friend’s company without causing too much of a fuss around the complex. Furthermore, avoid throwing a early bird swim party (before 7 am) or a late night pool party (after 9 pm) as this will upset everyone in the complex.

Pool Party Responsibility

Third and most importantly, do not drink and swim. Most complex pools have a ‘no drinking’ allowed policy as a complex pool is a huge liability, especially mixed with alcohol. Soft drink, juice and water is okay but stay away from beer, wine and spirits. Not only could you be faced with an eviction notice but you may also be looking at a first aid emergency as well.

When throwing a complex pool party it is your responsibility to take charge and be on the lookout for any hazards and dangers. In some instances, you may want to hire a lifeguard or get a friend to help you with organizing and supervising the party. Furthermore, keep the number of people you invite to the single digits which is an appropriate amount of people for a complex pool party. If you want to invite 50 people to help you celebrate, then look for a different venue – a restaurant, hall or bar perhaps?

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