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Living in an apartment complex with a swimming pool can be a great bonus, especially if you live somewhere where it is hot. Jumping into the swimming pool after a long day in a hot sticky office can be one of the best ways to cool off and wind down. Swimming pools also offer an excellent aerobic workout as well as a great place to socialize with friends. However, regardless of what you are using the complex swimming pool for, you need to be well aware of the various rules for swimming pool safety.

Common Swimming Pool Concerns

Swimming pools pose a lot of threats. Not only is there the chance of a drowning but there is also the risk of a slip and fall around the swimming pool. Most pools are made out of concrete, fiber glass or another material that is hard and very painful. If you do slip and fall you could be faced with a concussion or serious head injury. Make sure you always practice caution around the swimming pool by never running and only diving into the pool if it is deep enough.

Never drink and swim. Drinking any type or amount of alcohol can impair your judgment. Even if you are a good swimmer, adding alcohol to your system can result in a number of complications. Even if you feel sober enough to swim, you may be hit with a stomach cramp due to the fluid in your tummy which can make it difficult to stay afloat.

It is also important that you only use the swimming pool during the allocated hours. Most pools are open during the day and closed at night for a reason. It might be tempting to dive into the water on your way home from the night clubs but you could be risking your life by doing so.

Children and Swimming Pool Safety

If you have young children using the swimming pool, make sure you never leave them unattended, even if they are good swimmers. Complex pools are not a baby nursery, and most complex swimming pools do not have a lifeguard so this means it is your responsibility to watch your children. If they are not strong swimmers, invest in life jackets, water wings and go into the pool with them. This will help them build up their swimming skills as well as their confidence in the water.

Make sure you always lock the gate or the door behind you when coming and going to the swimming pool. You never know when a neighbor’s little kid may wander out of the apartment and through the open door. You don’t want to be held responsible for something like this.

Finally, if you are living in a complex with a swimming pool and you have young children it might be worth your while to attend a course on CPR and basic first aid. There are one or two day courses designed for parents to help ensure their children are as safe as possible. If something does happen you want to be able to do everything you possibly can to save your child’s life.

Swimming pools are normally protected by your landlord’s condo insurance. However, this does not mean you can simply avoid the rules and assume his liability insurance will pay for any damage or accidents that occur. It is your responsibility to follow the rules and take the time to learn complex swimming pool safety. If you are caught doing something unsafe you may not only be looking at a serious injury but also at an eviction.

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