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Condominiums come with a number of different floor plans. Some condos are all one story while others span across two or even three stories. When you are moving into a new condo, the condo floor plan design will have a large impact of where you place your furniture and how you decorate the home.

Standard Condo Layout

Your condo floor plan design will depend on a number of things including where you are located. A condo in the city might be all one story while a condo in the suburbs might feature two stories and a larger outdoor living area. A standard condo floor plan design comes with a bathroom, living room and dining area downstairs as well as a small balcony or patio leading to an outdoor area with the bedrooms, office and additional bathroom located upstairs. However, some feature three stories with the master bedroom overlooking the downstairs like a loft and others also feature a garage in the basement area. Some condos are all on one story and will feature a large living space with doorways to separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

One of the biggest benefits to living in a condo is that you get your own personal space and outdoor area but without the maintenance that comes with renting an entire house. Most condos are managed by a property manager or condo association which means if you have any serious problems, you can call on them for help, but you may have to still clean hardwood floors on your own. Furthermore, many condos are part of a larger complex that may feature access to a gym, pool, tennis courts or additional facilities. This is definitely a plus to renting a condo.

Decorating your Condo

When it comes to decorating your condo, consider what works for your living situation. While some people prefer to split up the main living area into several smaller rooms, other people prefer to keep the living area as open as possible. The good thing about creating several smaller rooms is that everything will have its place. For example, you could add a desk and bookcase positioned away from the couch and television to make an office and a living room. You could use a screen separator to hide your gym equipment and make your own personal gym or you could set up a safety gate to keep track of your child’s toys and make a playroom.

If you want to keep the living area as open as possible, position the furniture so that you can keep an eye on everything from wherever you are. That way, if you are cooking dinner in the kitchen, you will still be able to see the children in the living room. If you are throwing a dinner party or birthday party, you will be able to squeeze more people into your open room, making for a much more social environment.

If you do have a staircase leading up to the bedrooms, bathrooms or office, then you might want to use this hallway to hang some family photos which can be an easy way to highlight your hallway. In most instances, your upstairs area will be your personal space but you still want to keep this area looking at elegant and tidy as the rest of the home. If you have two or more bedrooms and are living alone, consider making one of the spare rooms a gym, a home office, a walk-in wardrobe or an upstairs lounge room. There are several possibilities when it comes to designing condo plans which is one of the reasons people of all ages, incomes and lifestyles choose to call a condo home.

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