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Is your neighbor driving you crazy with all the noise? Before you get drastic and dial 911 about this matter, it might be time to make a visit over to her house or apartment and confront her about it. Learn about the right times and the wrong times to confront a noisy neighbor and how to go about it with respect and courtesy.

Your neighbor has a right to do anything she wishes in her apartment. This means she is able to vacuum, even if it makes a lot of noise, listen to music, even if it drives you crazy, and ride an exercise bike, even if it sounds like the bike is going to come through the roof and into your apartment. The problem with some rental complexes is that the walls are so paper thin and the units are so cramped that you may be able to hear every little sound she makes. From talking on the phone, to walking around in high heels, from shutting the window to getting in a fight in her spouse, all of these things should be personal and may be made more public due to apartment living.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Noise

There are some noises that you shouldn't have to tolerate. For example, if your neighbor's dog is constantly barking, then you may wish to say something about it, especially if she is not home and unaware of this. If your neighbor's child is constantly tantruming, then tough luck for you. Your neighbor most likely already knows about this and trust us, it is driving her more crazy than it is driving you. This is what children do.

If your neighbor is playing music in the middle of the day, then let her be. If she is playing music at midnight, then you can say something about it. If she is having a dinner party, then accept that the evening might be a little noisier for a few hours. If she is having parties every other night, then this is a problem.

You need to pick your battles. A little noise comes standard with apartment living. However, if you cannot take it anymore and you are losing sleep and losing your mind because of the excessive noise, then it's time to make the move and confront your neighbor about it.

Pick a time during the day that you know she is home and not busy entertaining guests or in the middle of something. All you need to do is knock on her door and let her know that you can hear a lot of what is going on in her apartment. She may not even realize how noisy she is being and how much of an impact her high heels, her music or her talking really makes. Of course, you don't want to offend her so be calm and polite about it.

It can be tough to confront a neighbor about a noise complaint as you never know how she may take it. She may get extremely offended and purposely stomp around the apartment to spite you. Or, she may be completely embarrassed and actually do something about the noise. It all depends on the kind of person she is and how you have handled the situation.

Knowing when to confront a noisy neighbor and when to shut your mouth can be tricky. Essentially, if the noise is constant and causing strain on your life, then it's time to confront your neighbor. If the noise is common such as walking, talking or vacuuming, then there really isn't anything you can do about it and it's best to just grin and bear it. Or move.

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