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Contents insurence will keep you safe as a renter. Your landlord has a homeowner's policy (most likely), that protects their contents in the home. It also protects the property itself. However, it doesn't protect your stuff, nor does it protect your liability.

One of the main reasons you need contents insurence, or renter's insurence, is for liability protection. If you burn down your house on accident, your landlord could sue you. However, your renter's insurence would cover you.

Cheap Renter's Insurence

Believe it or not, contents insurence is really affordable. For a very small monthly fee, you can cover the contents of your home by checking house contents insurance quotes, and save yourself from huge potential legal fees. If you know anything about lawsuits, you probably know that they're terrifically expensive!

In any case, while a homeowner's policy may be expensive, insurence as a renter isn't that expensive. You don't need to insure up to the cost of your home, so it's probably going to cost you a lot less than you might think. If you're ready to look at quotes, use the above form for free estimates.

Your valuables or the contents of your home are probably worth more than you think they are. If you add up the market value of the items in your home, you'll probably realize that it would be a pretty penny to replace everything. That makes the small monthly fee seem worth it, doesn't it?

You may be able to get a discount on your contents insurence, if you're a college student. Some contents insurence policies also offer discounts to seniors. Also, you may be able to get a discount if you purchase contents insurence from the same company as your auto insurance.

This is called a multiline discount. Some companies will give great package deals on contents insurence and auto insurence policies. So much so, that you may want to consider switching to a new provider of automobile coverage.

Reducing Your Insurence Premium

Contents insurence may be cheaper if you adhere to certain safety regulations. You can ask your insurer for tips. For example, installing the appropriate smoke detectors, burglar alarms and so forth, may help you reduce your premium.

Also, if you choose a high deductible, your monthly fee will probably be less costly. Of course, you've got to be able to pay that deductible if there is an emergency! Choose a deductible that you could easily pay, or you'll be in big trouble if there's an incident. However, choose one that's pretty high, so that you save money.

Your cost may be higher if you're in a high risk neighborhood where there's a lot of theft and so forth. It may also be higher if you own a pitbull. Insurance companies don't like pitbulls and other risky breeds, as there are more accidents around such breeds.

Contents Inventory

You should carefully survey the contents of your home when you're purchasing a renter's policy. Be sure you update it whenever you purchase large, expensive items, such as a new sofa or bed. You should keep the receipts for these items in a safe place.

In fact, you should store such receipts online, if possible, or in a fire-proof place. That way you can be sure you'll be reimbursed for these items. Of course, you're only covered for the contents that you've reported. That's why it's important to update!

There are some great software programs that will help you take an inventory of your valuables. Some of these programs are free. You can upload photographs, and all the details, and get free online storage. This makes keeping track of your valuable easier for you and your insurance company.

Insurers like to have a detailed inventory of the items in your home. In fact, they may require it. It depends on your company. Be sure you check with your insurer and find out what's needed. The last thing you'd want is to argue with your insurer after an incident.

You can insure the items in your home for actual cash value or replacement value. It depends on what you want to do. If the value of the items will decrease, you should consider what it would cost to replace them. The actual cash value, or ACV, will only pay for the market value.

You may not be able to get replacement coverage for your stuff, depending on where your live. Also, it costs significantly more. Some items will not be fully covered, either. Jewelry and antiques, for example, are only covered up to a certain point.

Contents insurence policies are definitely worthwhile. Though the risk of a fire is pretty low, the trouble your family would face is enormous. Luckily, the relatively low risk means that this coverage is really affordable. So, what are you waiting for?