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Sharing the cooking duties with a roommate is a great way to bond every night and to relieve some of the stress of making your own meals every night. After a long day at work, at school or at play, many people are simply too tired to cook up a big healthy meal and instead will opt for take away food or an unhealthy option such as a chocolate bar. When you share the cooking duties, as well as picture hanging duties, with a roommate you are sharing the amount of time spent in the kitchen but also providing incentive to actually get off the couch and cook; after all, it's not just your own mouth you are feeding.

Some people love to cook; others do not. Whether you fall into category A or B or somewhere in between, it can be a lot more fun cooking for two than cooking for one. If you are home alone at night then you will most likely settle for something quick and easy such as a sandwich rather than spend an hour cooking a stir fry or making a casserole for just yourself. Cooking for your roommate gives you the motivation to sample new things and try out new recipes in the kitchen. It can be a great way to better your skills behind the skillet and enhance your taste buds in the process.

Budgeting when Cooking with a Roommate

One of the biggest concerns about cooking with a roommate is cost. You have to spend money on ingredients to cook and even simple meals can cost around $5 per person. More extravagant meals with finer ingredients, such as salmon or steak, can cost around $15 per person, even when you are doing all the hard work at home.

If you are planning on sharing your cooking duties with a roommate then you might also consider sharing your grocery bill. Make it a weekly ritual to go grocery shopping together one night. Purchase things you need during the day individually and then split up the cooking ingredients such as meat, veggies, oils and spices that will be used for each meal. Talk about what meals you are planning on making so that you get a wide range of foods every week.

Roommate Dietary Concerns

Another big concern is dietary restrictions and allergies. If you are on a strict diet of no carbs, no sugar and no salt, then it is going to be hard for your roommate to cook a wide variety of meals that fit your strict routine. If both you and your roommate are fairly easy going with meals, then cooking meals together will be a lot easier. Even if your roommate is a vegan, vegetarian or diabetic, you can still share the cooking duties; just talk about what is allowed and what is not allowed before cooking anything up.

Make a schedule about who cooks what meal and when. You may find that you will cook Monday to Wednesday, your roommate will cook Thursday to Saturday and you will have take away on Sunday. This is only one example of a roommate cooking schedule.

Sitting down to a home cooked meal is one of those simple pleasures in life. Pour you and your roommate a glass of red wine to complement the meal and talk about your grievance and good things about the day. Rather than picking at a piece of cheese and crackers and flicking the channels, you are actually feeding your body and unwinding in a refreshing and relaxing way. Cooking wih a roommate can help ease all of your tension.  You will go to bed feeling less stressed and more in control of your diet and your lifestyle.

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