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Corvallis renters insurance protects your belongings in your apartment in case of damage or theft. There are a number of steps that you can take on your own to further protect yourself. Basic common sense, a Corvallis renters insurance policy as well as some precautions can keep you safe in your Corvallis apartment.

Choosing a Safe Corvallis Apartment

Corvallis apartment safety begins when you are searching for an apartment in Oregon. Choosing a safe Corvallis apartment to begin with will go a long way in ensuring that you will be safe in your rented home. Corvallis renters should look certain safety features when deciding which apartment to rent.

A Corvallis renters insurance policy is designed to cover your belongings in case of damage or theft. The insurance policy itself may be more expensive if the building's safety measures prove to be insufficient. If the safety features of your building or apartment are not deemed secure enough, you may have trouble filing or settling an Oregon renters insurance claim.

When searching for a safe apartment in Oregon, begin by looking at the neighborhood and your prospective neighbors. Do some research as to the security of the neighborhood. An area with a high rate of crime will influence your Corvallis renters insurance policy. While crime can occur anywhere in OR, some neighborhoods in Corvallis will be safer than others. Choosing an apartment in a neighborhood with a lower crime rate will reduce the cost of your Corvallis renters insurance policy.

Pay attention to the people that live in the neighborhood that you are looking at. An area filled with gang members and other shady characters will be inherently more dangerous than an area filled with nice families. Renters should visit their prospective OR neighborhood during the day and again at night to get a better sense of the safety of the neighborhood. Your renters insurance agent can also provide information about your neighborhood.

Choosing a secure building to reside in will also go a long way toward making sure that you will be safe in your OR apartment. There are many security features that a building should have to ensure the safety of its residents. In fact, many of the security features a building should have may be required under Oregon housing laws.

Only you and the building management should be able to access your apartment. When searching for apartments, ask if the locks on the apartment door will be changed upon your move in. Many landlords will not permit you to add extra locks to your doors so make sure that the provided door locks are secure. Your Corvallis renters insurance policy may be effected if the locks in your building are insufficient.

The entrances to the building should be secure as well. The door to your apartment should have a peep hole to allow you to see who is at your door and the building doors should be secured as well. Make sure the buzzer or intercom system works so that you can control who is allowed into the building. You may end up paying more for a Corvallis renters insurance policy if your building entrances are not secure.

If you live in a ground floor apartment, the windows should be covered by bars or grates to prevent unwanted intruders from entering through the windows. These windows should also only open from the inside so that they keep people out but allow you to escape in case of emergency. Fire escapes should also be secured and should not be accessible by intruders.

Protecting Yourself in Your Apartment

For added safety insurance, make sure you lock the door behind you whenever you leave your apartment. Even if you are just leaving for a minute, lock the door. If your apartment gets broken into and the door was unlocked, your Corvallis renters insurance claim will probably be denied.

Upon moving into your new apartment, take the time to meet the other renters in the building. Aside from being neighborly, you will be able to learn quickly who belongs in the building and who doesn't. When entering the building, never let anyone else in. While you may just be trying to be considerate by holding the door open, you may be letting in someone who is planning on robbing your neighbors apartment.

If you find a security issue with the building, tell your landlord or maintenance person immediately. Continue to follow up until the issue has been remedied. You may be able to prevent a crime within the building by being vigilant.

Your landlord should do his best to protect his renters. His insurance policy will only cover the building itself. A Corvallis renters insurance is essential to have to protect your belongings. Its up to you to act as your own insurance policy and protect yourself as best you can.