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Cottages are generally smaller homes. They give off a quaint look with specific outdoor and indoor features. While the space is usually a little smaller than a traditional house, many renters will love the quaint and comfort as well as the lowered energy costs that comes with living in a cottage. If you have a house full of boisterous teenage boys then this small space may not be suitable for you. However, professional couples, singles, retirees and young families can all benefit from the cheaper rent, the lower maintenance and the cutesiness that comes with cottage renting.

Cottage Structure and Designs

One of the things about cottages is that often they will come with very little backyard. You can expect a small outdoor living space and perhaps a little grassy patch with a lovely garden. The whole quaint look means much easier upkeep for you. You may be able to get away with just buying a small lawn mower or even just weed whacking the property instead of mowing the yard. This can be a wonderful thing when renting and if you are not too keen on property upkeep.

Cottages are generally smaller inside as well. Most will come with two or three bedrooms, a bathroom, a living space and a kitchen. There may be extra space for an office but in general, the layout will be quite similar. The good thing about living in close quarters is that cleaning is a breeze. You can vacuum and mop the entire area is a matter of minutes.

The bad thing, however, is that often there is not a lot of space to get away from the noise. Having the television on in the living room most likely means that you will also be able to hear it down the hall in the bedroom unless you put it on really low. Putting the baby to sleep in the spare room most likely means you will need to escape outside or whisper in order to keep them sleeping.

Cottages for All Renters

Some cottages come with special features that make them even more traditional. Wood place fires, for example, always add a dramatic touch to the cottage lifestyle. White picket fences are another traditional element to a cottage as are little wrap around porches with just enough space for a small outdoor setting. Of course, not all cottages are going to be this traditional and many come with very modern features such as stainless steel appliances, washing and drying machines, state of the art windows and air conditioning systems.

Cottages are especially great for those that live alone or that are not at home very often. If you a working professional then coming home to your own space not in an apartment complex can be a refreshing change with little maintenance involved. If you are an older person having a cottage to call your own can also be a lovely change from the traditional retirement communities or apartment complexes with plenty of stairs.

In a cottage everything is miniature and this works perfectly for some people. However, for those with a growing family, with a lot of extra items and with the desire to have more outdoor space, then a cottage might not be right for you. This is also true if you have a larger dog that will need the space to run free. When looking into cottages for rent make sure you weigh your own needs before the cheaper monthly rent prices as you don't want to end up with something that is too small for your lifestyle.

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