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Many renters will look into covering electrical outlets when they move into a new rental property. This is especially important if you have children. Children are curious by nature and may try to stick their little fingers or toys into the electrical sockets causing the possibility of an electric shock. Covering electrical outlets in your home is an easy way to avoid this.

Buying Electrical Covering

The good thing about electrical outlets is that they can easily be covered. You can buy safety proof electrical outlet covers from any hardware shop as well as any baby store. They are fairly inexpensive and you can get them in bulk to do the entire house. For example, you may wish to purchase a 20 pack of electrical covers to do every room in your home which will save you some money. You can also sometimes get them on sale if you shop at the right time.

To cover electrical outlets all you need to do is fit the plastic covering over top of the outlet. Most of them will be designed to fit into the prongs so that the dangerous area is completely covered up with a plastic container. This reduces the risk of children sticking their hands, pens, crayons or anything else near the sockets and electrocuting themselves.

One annoying thing, however, about covering the electrical outlets in your home is that you have to uncover them anytime you want to use them. For example, when you are vacuuming you will need to uncover the outlets before plugging in the vacuum cleaner. You need to have a good grip and a good set of nails to pull the things off the electrical outlets. However, even though it can be a little annoying, you are reducing the risks for your children and this should be worth the extra effort.

Renters Insurance for Electrical Injuries

Of course, there is still always the risk of electric shock when you have children. While you can reduce the risks by investing in electrical coverings and explaining to your kids the risks of playing with electricity, you should also look into adequate renters insurance as well. Most renters insurance policies come with liability coverage which offers compensation for medical related issues in the event of an injury at home. Insurance can pay for things like hospital bills and time for you to stay off work to be with your little one if they have been injured in an electric shock accident or any other type of accident as well.

Make sure you understand how this level of renters insurance works as if you are ever faced with an injury on your rental property, then you will want to put in a claim and get the financial relief you deserve. Take the time to compare policies and check to see what type of injuries are included and what limits are in place. This is something all homeowners and renters, regardless of whether you have children or not, should get in the habit of doing.

Covering electrical outlets in your home are only one of the many things you need to do to child proof your house. Make sure you look into the other safety measures to keep your kids safe by investing in adequate fencing and gates around your property and keeping chemicals out of reach for children. Take the time to talk to your kids about the dangers around the home to help them stay safe even when you are not watching them.

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