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Crating your dog in a rental is something that many dog owners will need to do in order to stop their furry friend from running amuck when you are away. If you need to crate your dog while you attend work or are out for dinner then you first need to teach your dog the facts about his crate. Crating your dog is not for every pet owner and certainly not for every dog. Many owners are against crate training in general; however, as long as you teach your dog that his crate is a safe haven then everyone, including your dog, should be content with the crate.

Crate Training Tips

With the right training your dog will come to see his crate as a safe place to stay and get away from the loud noises, such as when you're vacuuming or cutting back the shrubbery. It will become your dog’s chill out zone and this is a good thing. Furthermore, you can be rest assured that your furniture and belongings are safe from claws, slobber and dog fur when you are away from home.

The key to successful crate training in a rental is persistent and positivity. Your dog needs to see his crate as a safe place rather than as punishment. Choose a place to set up his crate where he will not be bothered and tempted to get out. Make his crate as comfortable as possible with plenty of toys, blankets and happy associations. You might want to put an old t-shirt that smells like you in his crate so he knows that you have not left him forever.

It may take 3-5 days to get your dog comfortable in his crate. You can help him like his crate by rewarding him with food when he goes into it. You may even want to feed him a meal in there so he knows that this is a good reward of being in the crate. You can also tempt him into his crate by offering him a chew toy or a bone. He will happily spend some time in his crate if there is a reward as tasty as a bone waiting for him.

Crating your Dog in an Apartment

It is important to train your dog before you leave him for a long period of time. If you have to go to work, then you need to spend at least a weekend with him, getting him used to his crate. If you can, try to come home at lunch to spend some time with your dog or have a neighbor check up on him. Once your dog is used to being in his crate for an hour, he should be okay for longer periods and even an entire day.

Keep in mind that crating your dog in a rental may result in poor behavior such as barking, whimpering and howling. It is best to ignore this poor behavior. Just like children, sometimes dogs need to learn that crying is not the best way to get your attention.

If you are crating your dog for a long period of time (while you are at work, for example), then you need to be sure that you spend some serious time with him when you return. Take him for a nice walk along a favorite pathway, let him run wild in a dog park, or take him for a swim at the beach. Imagine how you would feel if you were stuck in a crate-like setting (ahem.. cubicle) for eight long hours…a little fresh air will do you both a world of good.

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