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Having a cozy place to eat your meals is essential. You don't need a lot of space or a lot of expensive items to achieve this comfortable living area. You just need a few bits and pieces in place and the company to bring it all together.

The first thing you will need when it comes to creating a cozy eating area is a table. You may want to use a six piece dining set if you have a family or in laws moving in and just a small two person table if you are living alone and eat most of your dinners by yourself or with just one guest. Apart from the kitchen table and chairs you may also want to dress up the area.

For example, look for fun and funky placemats or a table cloth that matches with the rest of the room or the apartment. You may want to go with something fresh and modern such as lime green placemats to match a bright colored picture frame hanging above the area. Or, you may want to stick to something traditional such as a black and white theme, with a white tablecloth and a black centerpiece.

Choosing Your Kitchen Accessories

Take your time to think about what colors will work the best with your area. You may also want to get plates, bowls and cups in similar patterns to your placemats or tablecloth. Top the area with a nice centerpiece such as a vase with flowers or candles to really set the mood. You don't have to spend a lot of money on these items. Many home ware and department stores, such as Target, will offer fairly priced items for the home and kitchen. Furthermore, you can find a lot of these items heavily discounted during sales throughout the year.

Having a cozy eating area can also be made better with small little extras such as fun and festive salt and pepper shakers, and specialty jars to hold things like salad dressing and olive oil. Again, look for sales of these items.

When you are sitting down to a meal by yourself you can still enjoy a cozy place to eat by putting on some quiet calm music, lighting a fire if you have a fire place or putting on candles while you eat. Just make sure you blow them out after you have finished and are going to bed.

You will also find that with a cozy eating area comes more motivation to actually sit down and enjoy your meals rather than just eat peanut butter from a jar standing up in your kitchen. Look for fresh ingredients and make an effort to eat healthy, trying new things, even if you are only cooking for one. Experiment with different wines to complement the tastes of your dinners and take your time to actually taste the meal rather than just shove it in your mouth. This can make your food taste much better and make eating much more enjoyable.

If you do have a family, regardless of whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, try to set one meal a day where you all sit down together. Dinner is a good time but this is not always an option if one of you works late shifts or if there are a number of after school activities planned at different times of the day. You may be able to swing breakfast some of the mornings as well. Start your day or end your day as a family, discussing plans, events, telling stories and eating together. This is the best way to creating a cozy eating area.

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