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A sun room is a great place to spend the afternoon lounging, reading and spending time with your family. If you are fortunate enough to be renting a home with a sun room, then take the time to consider what you want to use this room for and how you want to decorate it. Make your sun room your own personal oasis by choosing calming colors and refreshing decor items that really highlight your personality.

There are several options when it comes to a sun room. You may choose to make your sun room an extra lounge room or a kid's playroom. Or, you may choose to make your sun room a study loaded with books and comfortable seating to enjoy a cup of tea and a good magazine. You may choose to make your sun room an indoor conservatory with plenty of bushy plants, home grown veggie pots and even hanging baskets. Anything that was approved when having parents to co sign a lease.

Sun Room Furniture

The first thing any cozy sun room needs is comfortable furniture. Two large cozy chairs look great in a sun room. Add a bookcase to store books, magazines, photo frames and other nick nacks that don't have a home in your main sitting room. Make sure you invest in a nice lamp for the corner. During the day you will get all the light you need from the warm sun but if you want to spend time in your sun room at night or while the sun is going down, then a lamp will help keep the mood. Look for aromatic candles to also add to the mood of the sun room.

Top off your sun room with some bold and beautiful plants. Look for plants that thrive in sunlight as they will probably get a sun overload when living in your sun room. Placing a few plants in the corners of your sun room will create a natural setting inside your home.

Wicker furniture is a good option for a sun room with bright patterned pillows and blankets. However, you can choose any type of furniture you want. You may choose to stick to furniture created for the outdoors or you may choose indoor furniture. It all depends on your budget or what furniture you already own.

Adding Mood to your Sun Room

To keep your sun room cozy and comfortable you also need to avoid clutter. Placing unused items in your sun room is actually quite a common thing to do as it is out of the way of the main part of the house. Furthermore, during the winter months many people will pile old boxes, piles of laundry, old newspapers, children's toys they have outgrown and broken furniture into the cozy sun room. All of a sudden when spring comes along your sun room looks more like a storage room.

During the day your sun room makes a great place to unwind with a good book and enjoy the beautiful sun without the harmful UV rays that come with sun tanning. A little bit of sunlight is good for our bodies. With a sun room you get the natural sun light to refresh our bodies but without the painful sunburn and risk of skin cancer.

At night transform your sun room into an adults-only conversation area. Once the kids have gone to sleep, light some candles, open a bottle of wine and reflect on the day with your friends or spouse. Unwind while looking out at the starry sky and refresh your mind for what tomorrow will bring. Creating a cozy sun room for both night and day all starts with you.

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