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If you are planning a party that involves any type of food, then one of the main focus points for your party will be a table. Whether you are having a sit down dinner with a number of cabaret style tables or throwing an informal party with banquet style tables for appetizers and nibbles, you are going to need to make these tables as nice as possible. In addition to looking for colorful and appropriate tablecloths for each table you may also wish to check the number of renting occupants allowed and then look for themed table decorations or centerpieces which can add a sense of elegance to any type of party.

Choosing your Centerpiece

Your table decorations will largely depend on what type of party you are hosting. For example, if you are throwing a small reception for a wedding then your table decorations are going to be much different than if you are hosting a party for children. The first thing you need to decide on is the theme or colors that you are using for your party. Once you have settled on this, then you can make a better decision on what decorations to use on the tables.

If you are having a fancy type of party then you can hire centerpieces from wedding and party planning stores for the evening. However, this can get quite expensive and you may find that you are spending anywhere from $5 per centerpiece to $100 per centerpiece depending on what you are getting. You may wish to simply create each table decoration yourself using a little bit of imagine.

The most popular types of table themed decorations involve candles and flowers. However, these are only some of the options you have. If you are having a beach themed party then you may wish to purchase some cheap vases or plates and use sand, little umbrellas and blue candles to make a 'beach' decoration. If you are having a black and white themed party, then you may wish to stick to a black vase with all white lilies or something else to this extent.

Finding Table Decoration Ideas

You can find good examples of themed table decorations online. Simply punch in the theme and you will be surprised at what you can come up with. Table decorations do not have to be fancy and you may even prefer to keep the tables clear of anything but a tablecloth and a small decorative centerpiece to really highlight your theme.

Another way to find good ideas for table themed decorations is to brainstorm. Make up a list of everything related to your theme. For example, if you are having a princess themed party for your little girl, you may wish to think about things like a crown, a tiara, cute mini shoes and a castle to include as part of your table decorations. If you are having a Retro Bash for a birthday party, then think about inexpensive items that suit the era of your choice.

Creating themed table decorations takes a little bit of research and a little bit of time. However, in the end you can save a lot of money by creating your own decorations rather than hiring them or buying them from a party planning shop. Try to keep it simple and stick to a theme or color. Too much on a table can make it seem cluttered, especially if you are also placing food, beverages and other items on the table with the decorations. Keep it simple to ensure an affordable yet stylish party.

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