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Balloons, streamers, piñatas, and banners - all of these party decorations can add up quickly and before you know it you have spent hundreds of dollars on silly decorations that you will only use once and then tear down. If you want to decorate for a party but are on a tight budget then think about creating your own party decoration. There are several easy ways to create your own party decorations and countless ideas online that can help you. Think outside the box, set aside some time and get crafty for your party. Maybe even consider attaching extra space to your home with a tent or awning.

The first thing you need to decide on when you are creating your own party decorations is what type of party you are having. Are you throwing a Christmas party, a birthday party, a New Years Eve party or a Halloween party? The type of party you are hosting will make a big difference when it comes to the colors that you choose for your decorations.

Next, do a quick online search of "Your Theme Party Decorations" and see what comes up. You will be able to find crafts for beginners to advance including simple banners, invitations and posters to more advanced piñatas and murals. Select decorations that are within your decorating ability and look for decorations that do not require a lot of materials so you are not spending a fortune at the craft store.

Easy DIY Party Decorations

One of the simplest decorations that will work for any occasion as long as you choose appropriate colors are paper rings. To make paper rings you simply need construction paper in various colors, scissors and staples. Cut the construction paper into long strips, and then link each strip into a ring shape. Staple the rings together. The more rings you make, the longer the banner will be. You can use construction paper rings instead of streamers and banners. They can dangle above curtain rods, decorate the front entrance or even swing around a Christmas tree.

Halloween parties are fun to decorate for but you can spend a fortune at the novelty shops purchasing dangling ghosts and howling witches. You don't need to. You can make your own ghosts and witches with plastic white and black bags, some construction paper and a little imagination. You can also make your own pumpkins with orange construction paper and even your own spider webs and spiders with the right materials.

An easy Christmas craft is to make snow angels for the walls by with white construction paper. Simply fold a piece of construction paper into several small squares and cut out an angel. Unfold the paper and you will get a line of lovely snow angels that you can hang up in your window. You can do this with a number of different Christmas themed characters including a red Santa line, a conga of brown reindeer and a group of happy yellow gingerbread men. You can even decorate each individual character as you see fit.

The next time you are creating your own party decorations, instead of hitting the novelty shops and party stores, go into the craft store and pick up a few essential items including construction paper, glue, tape and staples. You may also want to pick up a package of balloons which are quite affordable and one item that all parties can do with. Then, head online and see what ideas you can find to make your party theme. You will be surprised at how many ideas there are for creating for own party decorations to match every theme imaginable.

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