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Looking for a good curtain for your new rental property? Whether you want to block out the sun, complement your living room area or do a little bit of both, selecting curtains for any room can be a tricky decision. Fabric, budget and color all play an important role when choosing your curtains.

Choosing your Curtains

One of the biggest things to consider when choosing your curtains is the material and not what holiday decorations you may have. Curtains come in silk, cotton, polyester and several other materials. Some are lacey, others are bold, some are lightweight and others are thick and heavy. Your material of choice will come down to where you are placing your curtains. Most people want their curtains to block out the sun, especially in a bedroom or if the window gets direct sunlight access. You might want to choose a curtain material that is thick and offers excellent sun block protection, especially if you enjoy those late morning snoozes without the sun beating down on your face.

Next, think about what color would complement your room. You will want to think about the color of the floor or the carpet, the area rug and the furniture in the room and try to match your curtain color to your color scheme. You might want to stick to a bold purple or a rich brown for a dining room. A rich red curtain will look beautiful in a black and white room with a splash of the same red on the pillows or on a throw. A lacey white curtain can add class and elegance to your bedroom and offer a refreshing way to wake up each morning. You may want to leave the multi colored prints for the kitchen, the bathrooms and the children's rooms. Floral, patterns and themed characters are all excellent options for these rooms.

While some curtains will hang from a rod, others will slide across. You may want to buy a valance to cover the rod or the slider if this is a noticeable part of the design. Many curtains will also come with matching strings to tie up the curtains into a neat bundle on either side of the window when you are looking for direct sunlight.

Curtain Cost Considerations

Curtains can cost anywhere from $30 to $3,000 depending on what you are looking for. If you are crafty you may choose to purchase some fabric from a store and make your own curtains. There are several sewing designs you can borrow from the internet. However, if you would prefer to buy your curtains, look for sales in catalogues and consider the right material and colors to match your motif. Make sure you keep the receipt in case the curtains you choose don't quite match the room or the theme.

Although you may choose to go with the cheaper curtains, it is important to consider how your curtains can impact your electricity costs in the long run. Curtains that block out the sunlight and the heat are actually more energy efficient than you may think. With darker curtains you will be able to effectively cut down on your cooling costs. If you live in a climate where cold weather is the problem, then look for an airy curtain that allows the warm weather into your home.

Take the time to compare your options when it comes to your choosing your curtains. You will end up spending a lot of time looking at them and you want to be sure that you are happy with your choice. Consider your favorite colors, fabrics and features of each room when making your curtain choice.

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