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Shrubbery around your home can be a positive thing. It can add some color and texture to your landscape, provide a shady cool place to relax in the great outdoors and offer some privacy from the neighbors and passer byers. However, shrubs and bushes tend to grow quickly and if you are not careful your outdoor area could soon look like your own personal overgrown forest and it may be time to de-clutter your living space. To keep your landscaping looking trim, you need to cut back your shrubbery.

Pruning Shrubs around your Home

Pruning shrubbery is the easiest way to keep it looking healthy and fresh. In the same way your hair needs a trim to remove split ends, your bushes need a trim to grow strong and flourish. When you cut back your shrubbery you are getting rid of those awkward branches as well as the diseased or dead parts of the bush that look tacky. You are also preventing these diseased branches from infecting the rest of your plants.

Cutting back your shrubbery around the home is actually quite simple. All you need is a pair of garden gloves (if you wish) and a pair of pruning shears. You can pick up both of these items at any home wares store or garden center. Pruning shears come in a range of styles and prices. You may want to choose an expensive pair with easy grip if you have a lot of large trees to cut back. A smaller cheaper pair may be fine for the occasional bush or plant that is overgrown.

The best time to cut back your shrubs is in the late winter or during the early spring. This is the time before new growth comes in and allows for the best outcome. To prune shrubbery you need to thin out any old and twisted branches and cut back any overgrown and thick shrubs. You can choose to prune as much or as little depending on how full you want the branch. To cut back shrubs be sure to cut the stem from the main stem which allows for the best growth. You will also want to remove all broken branches and diseased sections. Have a wheelbarrow or a garbage bag handy to pick up any of the cut pieces at the end of the job.

Cutting Back your Shrubbery Benefits

If you have just moved into a rental place that is overgrowing with shrubs and needs a lot of work, then it might take a full weekend to get the desired look. This can be a great job to involve the whole family in. Let your children have a turn with the pruning shears (assisted and supervised of course) and encourage them to help with clean up. Nicely landscaped shrubbery will make additional yard work much easier, such as mowing the lawn and weed eating. Furthermore, it will eliminate the chance of rats and other unwanted animals living amongst the bush.

Keeping your outdoor landscaping looking nice when you are renting a home is also a good way to remain in the good books with your landlord. When you do decide to move out your landlord will appreciate the hard work and will be happier to give you a good referral. Furthermore, it is always nice to arrive home to a well kept yard where you can actually see the grass, the garden and the windows amongst all the shrubbery. Take pride in your home by taking the time to cut back shrubbery around your home at least once a year.

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