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The beach is an excellent place to spend the day with friends and family. From frolicking in the waves to soaking up the sun and the sand, there is an endless supply of fun to be had on the beach. Whatever you are planning on doing at the beach, whether you want to take the dog for a walk or are going for a barbeque and a swim, you will need to do a little preparing and packing up before you head out.

Best Beach Activities

Most people will go to the beach to enjoy the water and the sand. Whether this means you will go for a long stroll with your family, collect sea shells on the shore or boogie board along the waves, this is entirely up to you. Additional beachside activities include firing up the barbeque or enjoying a family picnic in the sand. You may choose to bring your book and iPod and soak up the sun while tanning your body or you may choose to sit under a shady tree and have a snooze. Bring a soccer ball or a volleyball and enjoy a recreational game before jumping into the water to cool off.

When planning a day trip to the beach you need to think about everything you will need. This includes essentials such as swimmers, towels and sunscreen as well as extra clothes and a beach blanket. You may want to bring a picnic basket or backpack with plenty of water and snacks for the little ones. If you are bringing your dog, don’t forget a leash and a bag to clean up after pets leaving any droppings in their wake.

Beach Safety and Rules

The beach is a great place but it is also filled with several serious hazards and dangers. Many beaches are patrolled by lifeguards but this does not mean you can throw caution to the wind. If you are at the beach with young children make sure you keep them within arm’s length of you at all times, especially when in the water. If they are not strong swimmers, give them water wings or a life jacket to wear. Educate them on the dangers of swimming in the ocean including rips and waves.

The ocean is not only dangerous due to the unpredictable wave patterns but it also holds several dangerous animals including sharks, crocodiles and jellyfish, depending on where you are swimming. If there are swimming nets in place at the beach, stay within these nets to avoid any bites or attacks. Swimming nets are there for a reason – for your safety. Use them or risk your life.

Respect the rules of the beach which most likely include ‘no drinking, no glassware, no foul play.’ Regardless of what you are doing, make sure you are wearing sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the weather. On particularly hot days you could risk sunscreen or heatstroke if you are out in the sun for too long. Drink plenty of water and seek shade when you can.

When planning a day trip to the beach you need to consider how traffic may impact your day. Try to avoid rush hour traffic by leaving extra early. You will also be able to get a good spot by doing so. If you are heading to the beach on a weekend, keep in mind that many other people will be doing the same thing so be prepared for a busy parking lot and other annoyances. Most beaches are public areas which mean you want to respect the area by keeping it clean and beautiful for others to enjoy as well.

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