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Dayton renters insurance is the sure shot way that tenants will have the protection that they need if something happens to their home. You may not think it can happen to you, but so did all the people on the news watching a fire destroy their house, apartment or retirement home. Finding the right Dayton renters insurance today is the number one priority so you can protect your finances and your home.

Landlords Can't Help

A landlord will have an insurance policy of his or her own to protect the building in Dayton that you are renting, but that does not mean that your personal belongings are included in that policy. No, in fact a landlord can use their insurance policy to make sure you pay for damages. If you are found, or even thought to be, responsible for damages to the building then you could be taken to court. Tenants who have Dayton renters insurance won't have to pay out of pocket though because they will have liability coverage that handles court cost and legal fees.

Dayton renters insurance will also help your replace your personal belongings ranging from your college textbook to the snow globe you got when you were a kid. Your grandfather's clock and your grandmother's jewelry can also be included in the policy. If anything is damaged, destroyed or stolen then having tenants protection will give you the money necessary to replace them.

An actual cash reimbursement is based on the value that the items held. Alternatively, renters may choose a replacement value reimbursement that would be based on how much it would cost to purchase the same item right now. It really just depends on if your property will gain value or lose value as to which type of reimbursement you should choose.

If a fire, flood or other type of event makes your home uninhabitable having renters insurance in Dayton, OH will help you find a place to stay. Dayton renters protection is the type of insurance that provides the necessary funds to help you have a place to live while your home is uninhabitable. This gives you one less thing to worry about, so you can think about making sure everyone is Ok and making it through such an ordeal.

Protecting Your Home

Finding the right amount of coverage for your Dayton, Ohio townhouse or loft doesn't have to be a time consuming process. The quickest way to find the best Dayton renters insurance policy is to understand what coverage is out there for you. As a tenant, you have many options to protect your house.

When you start to look for Dayton renters insurance think about what you are looking for. Understand that what you need is not going to be uniform across the board. A young family is not going to need the same coverage as a senior citizen. A married couple won't be looking for the same thing as a person who is divorced either. The point being, you are an individual so think about the coverage you want and need, not what your parents, significant other or friends have. Though if you want to talk to them about their tenants protection that is helpful.

You have three different policies to choose from for your Dayton renters insurance. Each policy will offer you greater coverage than the previous, and the premium rate will most likely increase as well.

The most basic form of renters coverage is with a standard Dayton renters insurance policy. This is the most affordable making it popular with either those going to college or those just starting out. A standard renters insurance policy will protect your home and belongings if there is a fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, weather damage or even a riot. It is hard to image a riot damaging your goods, but you probably never expected a lightning storm to damage your condominium either.

Renters in Dayton, OH looking for more coverage than standard insurance will find it with a broad insurance policy. A broad tenants protection policy for Dayton will protect your condo or apartment the same as a standard, but it can also include natural disasters. Flood damage is not the same as water damage. That is probably one of the biggest misconceptions renters have when they look at Dayton renters insurance.

For renters who have valuables that would be very expensive to replace, a comprehensive policy may be best. A comprehensive Dayton renters insurance policy provides a separate stipend for a tenants high dollar items. While a standard and broad tenants protection policy will also offer a reimbursement for items damaged or stolen, a comprehensive policy is designed for items such as jewelry, furs, and electronics that tend to tip the scale when it comes to the cash register.

Paying for What You Need

No one wants to pay for something they do not need and Dayton renters insurance is no exception. You don't have to be stuck with protection that won't cover you when necessary or that provides options that you will never need to use. Talking with your Dayton renters insurance agent about what you have to cover is a great way to help you pick a policy.

Before you talk to an insurance agent or choose a policy though, you should make an inventory of the belongings you want to include in your Dayton renters insurance policy. Making an inventory is the best and easiest way to determine just how extensive of a policy you will need. An inventory should include the make and model of a product, where it is located in the apartment and how much it is valued. For electronics and appliances, you will want to include a product number. The product number will help Dayton authorities prove that the item is yours if it is ever stolen.

Not sure what can be covered by Dayton tenants insurance? Well most anything can be included in your Dayton renters insurance policy. The computer you are typing on right now, the desk you are sitting at and even the clock you are checking the time on can be included in your policy. To help make things easier for tenants, they can make a video inventory to show where the items are located throughout the loft or condo. A college student will want to do this with their dorm just as a senior citizen would at an adult living community.

Once you've completed your inventory, your Dayton renters insurance agent and you can review all your coverage options. They can also help you determine what your Dayton insurance discount options are after their review. For example, if the video shows a fire extinguisher in your kitchen or laundry room then you may be eligible for a safety discount. Safety discounts are a great way to save money off your Dayton renters insurance.

Renters can receive a discount by joining a neighborhood watch group, installing a burglar alarm or moving to a low crime area. A neighborhood watch group is also another great way to know your neighbors making for a friendlier renting situation for most tenants at an apartment or house.