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Your bathroom is probably one of the smallest rooms in your house or apartment and thus it can be fairly easy to live with a cluttered bathroom. Many people will do more than go to the toilet and shower in their washroom. They may also use their washroom to put on deodorant, brush their hair, do their makeup, shave and groom. De-cluttering your bathroom allows you to actually find your items in a hurry and can help make the ‘getting ready’ process a lot smoother every day.

Bathroom Organization

If you are like most people you use your bathroom as the place you get ready in the morning and where you freshen up at night. What this means is that there is probably all types of products all over the place including aftershave, hair cream, face wash, lotions, perfumes, hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair mouse, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anything else you need for the grooming process. There is a good chance that these items are all over the place, in drawers, on shelves, sitting in the shower and even on the floor where the active pet in your rental can get ahold of them.

To de-clutter your bathroom you need to be armed with a storage system as well as a garbage bin. Start by going through every bottle that is located on the shelves, in the drawers, in the shower and anywhere else and throw out any old shampoos, conditioners, sprays, gels and lotions that you never use anymore or that are almost empty. Your bathroom will already look better!

How to Keep your Bathroom Tidy

If you have a shelving unit or drawers under and around your sink, use them. Use each drawer for a different purpose; for example, the top drawer could be for hair products, the middle drawer for face products and the bottom drawer for lotions. If you do not have a drawer unit you might want to look for a shelving system or portable cupboard to put into the bathroom. You can find a small one in all different colors to match the décor of your bathroom. Store extra shampoo, conditioner and soap as well as cleaning products under the sink for easy access.

In addition to products you will probably also want to store towels, face towels and toilet paper in your bathroom as well. These items often go under the sink but if you are finding that you are running out of room, invest in a nice wicker basket to place in the corner. Arrange the towels neatly and place them in the corner to not only store these items for later use but also to accessorize your bathroom.

Many people will also undress in the bathroom and thus it is a good idea to keep a laundry basket in the corner for your dirty and wet clothes. Try to match your laundry basket to your wicker basket or storage system. Part of the de-cluttering process is also accessorizing. You can keep your bathroom looking clean but also add some glitter to this room by choosing towels, a shower curtain and bath mats that all match a common theme or color scheme.

A de-cluttered bathroom can make the process of getting ready so much easier. Rather than rushing in the morning and searching through every drawer looking for a hair elastic, everything has a place and can easily be found. You will always have clean towels, new toilet rolls and full shampoo bottles when you need them. You will feel refreshed rather than disheveled every time you finish your duties in the bathroom and are ready to start your day.

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